Thursday 21 March 2019

Chaos Battletome: Blades of Khorne Review.

Hi all. 

We have received a copy of the new Chaos Battletome: Blades of Khorne for review. 

Five things I love about this book

1. All of the daemonic Warp battles depicted with art inside this Tome. Khorne loves war and blood so much that the Tribes are constantly on the move searching for the next battle. Great art of these visions of hell tearing and maiming look fantastic, and are done to such a high quality. 

2. The characters, though familiar to most are some of Games Workshop’s greatest work. Valkia the Bloody is definitely my favourite of them. Known as “Gorequeen” and the “Red Angel of Slaughter”, this Chieftain was offered to Khorne as a sacrifice by her tribe, she killed around a hundred singlehanded before being felled. Khorne was so impressed with her Martial prowess that he brought her to him and remade her. She then obviously decimated her tribe and has be wailing on the Kingdoms ever since. 

3. Painting guides in these books are great. It is a decent touch by the author of the Tome to put some fantastic guides in here to help Noobs and vets alike. 

4. The Skull Altar looks great. Get the enemy Wizards/Sorcerors within 16” of this and watch them flounder and lose confidence. I do love army specific scenery. It just adds a cool touch. More please!!

5. The pages and pages of background that gives an army character. All the artefacts of Khorne are great to read about, as are the tribes of Lord of Skulls. 

Great book. Must have (obviously) for any AOS Khorne gamer. 

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