Friday, 22 March 2019

28 - mag is out now!

Hi all

Images of this magazine have been flying about for quite some time now. The teasers have been very well received due to the style/s they contain. 28 - mag is out now and volume 1 can be downloaded from HERE

Many readers of White Dwarf may recognise the names of the contributors, who do a fair few pages here or there as features or guest interviews. They are very passionate about the Grim in the hobby, and manage to consistently deliver on this by paying great homage to the works of artists such as John Blanche and others in their creations and kit bashing.



Their gaming is a work of art in itself, where the appearance of the models against an immersive battlefield or backdrop is just as important as the story and combat itself.

One of my favourite bit in this volume was the customisation table that has been created, where conversions seem to be . . . . tormente/tortured/experimented or spliced into existence (the spider footed doll's head in Toy Story springs to mind.
Great magazine, with some incredible articles, a very grim welcome to the 28mag and her team. Long may she reign.