Saturday 23 March 2019

Vigilus Ablaze and Codex Heretic Astartes reviews.

Hi all

Been another damn good day for 8th edition 40K.

Firstly we have the new Codex Heretic Astartes.
Content-wise, this is possibly the best Chaos Space Marine Codex to date. It is just full of history of not just the Traitor Legions but quite a few of the Renegade Chapters.

Black Legion look and feel better than ever too. They ever were my favourite of the Legions, and it details a lot of their history and organisation/formation that was set out by ADB etc.

I do love a good nod to the Great Scouring. I am thoroughly looking forward to this chapter of 30K now.

So happy that Gaes Workshop moved away from the poor cell shaded representations of individuals, and went down the Forge World route. Seeing the factions of the 4 main gods represented by their followers within the Black Legion is great inspiration. I just love the Bringers of Decay.

Looky! a familiar Legionnaire.

And some that I am not so familiar with. Look at him. Wow!! They look and sound brilliant. Just wish there was a novel for each and all Chapters :)

It is good to read some background about the new Venomcrawler model which I am a big fan of. Nice and Chaosy.

Big Abaddon, looking big and bad. I do hope we see his father return in time though :)

 He looks just a head smaller than Roboute, but still imposing.

Anyway back to the book. Chaos needed a good resurgence and it looks like GW have utterly nailed it again. The book is great, and a must purchase for any CSM gamer.

The new Noctilith Crown is a great scenery centre-point too. Looking forward to seeing how they are converted.

The first of the Vigilus books was a fantastic book, but it did feel daunting to read due to the sheer content and spread of data inside (and this is coming from me who regularly falls asleep with FW Black Books on my lap). It is very much worth the price tag as it does have a phenomenal amount of content and background inside. I am still not enamoured with battle zones which have so many factions present, and I do think lesser and more focussed Campaign books are better. For instance I can grab my Inferno Black Book and read from start to finish, as I have a complete interest in the forces involved in the entire conflict. This book, does have Space Wolves in, but also a million other forces, which I will skim read past.
If I was running a giant gaming club campaign though, where all my members had different armies, then it is perfect.

This guy really stood out for me (he also comes with an executors mask too should you desire). He would fit in perfectly with the Night Lords :)

Angels of Caliban whom are loyal to the Gods of Chaos rejoice, you have a Fallen Angels Specialist detachment now. Agent of Discord looks like a very fun rule to play!!

And as always, a ton of new missions :)
Drake Seta


  1. Just curious, are the Cypher and fallen datasheets unchanged from what they were previously?

  2. With Ravenwing in book 1, and the Fallen in book 2, is there a specialist detachment for Deathwing in Ablaze? I was hoping so after Defiant, but all of the previews suggest that this is a Chaos only supplement.

  3. Who wins in vigilus? Final outcome?