Saturday 18 May 2019

AoS Review: Soul Wars Forbidden Power

Hi all

We have been sent a sample of the new AoS Forbidden Power boxset.

I thought we would have a look at the Sprues of the excellent new Spells.

By far my favourite is this:
 The Penumbral Engine, whilst not a spell is a fantastic piece of terrain for the realms. The design is just awesome and will be a joy to paint. Add this to the new terrain range that is coming out shortly and your battlefields will look ace.

 The design work that went into this cog work device is just satisfying to look at!

The symbols and are cast in such a way that I can barely believe it is possible from a GW injection mould.

Lauchon the Soulseeker looks great. After seeing the new contrast paints at Warhammer Fest, I can't help but think that the smoke effects and black skulls could be done really nice and easily in 10 minutes. Hope to get my hands on them soon too for a thorough mess around!

 Same with the Shards of Valagharr. The smoke will be a fun thing to paint with the new Contrast paints (maybe followed with a slight drybrush?) and maybe the Shards themselves too.

The Soulscream Bridge is also highly detailed and it looks as though it may be able to support some serious weight with the design. I think this would a great piece for Dioramas in the future too.

The Box comes with all the usual cards you expect to find for the Forbidden Powers.

The more I see these spells, the more jealous I am getting for 30K and 40K. I think these spells actually may have a decent place in the future universe too.

Cracking designs as always GW!

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  1. This really looks like a vast improvement over what they did with Malign Portents. Maybe later on you can give us a rundown of the book, what's in it, and how well they did adding to the lore of AoS and providing engaging rules to add to the game?