Sunday, 19 May 2019

Weekly Progress Report: 19-05-2019

Hi all

What have we been up to?

Drake has been ploughing on with his Warbringer Nemesis (expect a post this week with a big update). He is also getting rather excited for the opportunity to paint some models with the new Contrast range after having a play with them at Warhammer Fest.

Looking forward to trying them out with the thinner, but the above mini was painted in 5 minutes. It will make horde armies (especially Tyranids and maybe Imperial Guard) an absolute breeze.

Hector has been busy working on his Thousand Sons ready for Throne of Skulls next week. They're pretty much done now and Hector is looking at what to start working on next.

What have you been up to?


  1. All the bits I needed have arrived this weekend to build my space wolves watch pack! So that my aim for the coming week!!

  2. Thousands sons are looking nice.

    I think I'm going to see what the range is like for the contrast paints and maybe try them out for Orks. I've already worked out a scheme for Tyranids using Nighthaunt gloom that I'm reasonably happy with.

    Gotta little more work done on my Harlequins, almost all the base colours done now (until next week when I have to build some more for the next stage of the campaign 😂)

    1. Thank you :)

      I am very interested to see your Tyranids - I love those paints they did for the Nighthaunt stuff for AoS so I'll be very interested to see the results!

    2. Will have to take a pic of the test models

  3. Working on an Armiger commission and Sanguinius' scenic base. Just the demon left to do.

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