Saturday, 7 March 2020

Seraphon Battle Tome preview

Hi all

I have been sent the new Seraphon battle tome. Let’s have a look :)

It’s a good book as usual. I did enjoy reading about the Temple-cities and how the AoS realms effect the faction. 
They sound pretty technological with their Realmshaper Engines :)

My son was happy to see/learn about the Dinosaurs especially as his favourite dinosaur is the Ankylosaurus. 

The terrain looks good, but it’s interesting that there is no terrain pieces you can buy. 

Love the Terradon riders. I think they are my favourite models in the range. 

As usual the painting guides are really good, especially the suggestion to use contrast paints (and blend them together) to get the stepped colour effect in exotic flowers. 

Another great Battle Tome. 


  1. Bit too quick saying there's no terrain to buy, what with the Realmshaper engine up for pre-order. :)

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