Sunday 5 July 2020

Indomitus Box set

Hi all

Been great to have received this a couple of weeks ago for review!

It’s an excellent box to receive as I was looking to start a 40k Primaris army in the Fire Wolves iconography soon. Also my little son Nathaniel is now 5.5 years old and getting really into his models, and he has taken a big interest in the Necrons after being read the Warhammer Adventure books. 

So I have assembled all of the Necrons now (push fit with no need for glue), and he can’t keep his hands off them. The Canoptek Reanimator is actually my favourite as it really creates a new possibility for the future of large scaled models to be designed and their aesthetics. Let’s hope for Titans and Knights!

Can’t wait to get the airbrush to them, but the weather is terrible at the moment! So instead we have been learning about the Necrons and trash talking each other. 

The Source book is fantastic and so thick too. A perfect tome for new and old hobbyists to bring their knowledge up to date with the 40k settings. 

The new way the rules are arranged is brilliant too, kudos to the writer!!

So a totally worthwhile box set if you collect one force or the other, but it is the main rulebook which I think is the most impressive thing in the box. Can’t wait to start painting. 


  1. I can't wait to pre-order mine next weekend, this is the ideal set for me - my two biggest armies are SM and Necrons! Perfect! Also, hopefully a few cheap spares on eBay later for Canoptek constructs or Characters...

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    1. Holy cow!I can finally comment again!
      Great to see some activity! I hope to see more content again as you were a great inspiration!