Thursday 15 October 2020

Warhammer AOS Mega Gargant review.

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Regarding Battletome :
At first it’s a small battle tomb, not surprising really as there is only 4 units but the tomb it self is of good quality unlike the 40k rule book. The pages feel substantial and unlikely to rip. 

The Contents is great. Full of background and fluff with all the war scrolls for all the Gargants. There is a section in there to really make your Gargant a real Individual, with a name generator and quirks for those of you that really like the narrative of games.  

The how to paint section is well set out with tips on how to paint parts and what paints to use ( my only criticism is that all the Techniques in the tomb use contrast paints, I personally don’t like the finish of these but that’s just me being an old crusty ) meaning you can get good table top level results fast and you’ll have a Gargant to be proud of. 

The other great thing about the Gargants is anyone can use one as a mercenary. So no matter what force you have or to what alliance there is a Gargant for you. Brilliant. 

The rules are laid out nicely and reading through them you can make a real impact by having one of these in your force. 

In all another fantastic addition to the tomb Library.  

The model
The kit it’s self again is of normal high quality. With a buttload of bit and bobs to potentially Customise and Gargant or any other man eater giants or their bases. Each start with the same torso and legs then you add what ever bits of the Gargant you have chosen. 

Each Variant has its Unique parts. The Kraken-eater is leaned towards the maritime theme with parts of boat and a tentacle of an octopus hanging from its belt. The warstomper leads it’s self to all out war with wearing bits of other races armour and shields with an almighty club to cause damage with. The gatebreaker has parts of, well gate on him. With his hood he fits the part of looking like a death bringer. This fits nicely with the fact certain Gargants can only be aligned certain factions of you want to use one as a mercenary. The gatebraker can be use with the alliance of death or destruction, the warstomper with Chaos and destruction and the Kraken-eater with Order and destruction. Seems like destroying things it what the Gargants Excel at. You can have a force of just mega Gargants and man eaters if you so wish and you can have any type you want. 

All the options look amazing but the Warstopmer is the one I’m going for as I have a Chaos force. Looking forward to getting him fully painted. With the speed of my painting could be a while.

The leftovers. 

Size Comparison. 


John H. 

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  1. Anyone else click on the email excited about an Adeptus Titanicus Ork Mega Gargant? :(