Saturday 24 October 2020

House of Iron Book review

Hi all. 

Been sent a copy of Necromunda House of Iron to review. It is the new Orlock gang book and has some very cool content. So let’s have a little peak. 

Love Wild Snake!!

Gang Terrain. 

As with the two before, House of Iron also has an Orlock specific terrain option. This is an altar to the Necromunda’s Road Gods. They take a scrap crawler, war rig etc and turn it into a big shrine festooned with wheels and highway 99 road signs. Oh and it still packs a couple of turrets. The conversion opportunities would be great. 

Big Bar Brawl

Basically imagine your gang goes out clubbing for the night and a rival gang appears at the same place. You are a bit more top of Underhive so there was no need to bring guns or armour, more handbag and fancy chains. 

The game replaces movement phase with drinking phase where you can either drink and add 1 to your toughness, but your WS is reduced. The gangs can take up to 4 drinks (I assume they are stronger than ours). 

The gang which has no one standing (the way I read this is it also means prone and pinned are counted as not standing) in the end phase is the winner. 

This actually looks like good fun and I am wondering if it can be paired with a responsible drinking game in real life too (maybe Centurion with beer or similar). 

But obviously, drink responsibly unless you are a model in the Underhive!

Noble Lord

The rules for the Noble Lord are quite good, are very good and can be chosen for free with the usual Gang Alliance rules. He feels more like a decent bounty hunter than a Noble whom has had his life of privilege and kin wiped out. 

His choices in his Equipment list are fantastic. 

As with other allied factions there are some cons to having him as part of your gang, mainly that you have to give him some of your cash (possibly to fund his old addiction to priceless Nicknacks). 

As with the other House books, this one has some good info about the gangs origins and their day to day operations. 

There are also full rules for the Guild of coin to be utilised as an ally. 

Hangers on

Prize Fighter (Orlock): Basically he is a bare knuckle boxer like Gorgeous George in Snatch. You make money from him (unless he gets knocked out or killed). He feels like more of an investment hanger on where you can get some pretty good income from him (an average of 30 or 40 credits after each battle if you enter him into a fight). 

Grease Monkey: 

These can boost your Brutes (attacks and movement statistics) but there is a risk they lose a wound. They also can overcharge the Jump Boosters. 

Bullet Merchant: 

This can also be used by other gangs for a higher premium. 

All in all, another cracking book. It is full of awesome content and I’m sure I will be reading it for weeks. 

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