Sunday, 25 October 2020

Crucible of Retribution review

Crucible of retribution review

Hi all. Been reading through the new Crucible of Iron book recently which we have been sent.

The previous book was absolutely awesome for content so I have been really looking forward to this one and it does not disappoint. 

The Cataclysm of Iron was the name given to the apocalyptic war that raged between Forge Worlds within the Belt of Iron, a region of space stretching across the Segmentum Tempestus and Pacificus. This is good as these areas feel genuinely quiet when it comes to the general Horus Heresy conflict zones. 

The book introduces Legios; Venator, Laniaskara, Kulisaetai, Tritonis and Damicum.


It is also the first time you can see Background for Legio Ignatum (one of the Triad Ferrum, and which closely garrisons Terra). 

Legio’s Astraman and Atarus are also in this book (Astraman is a Legio from old Epic days). 

A little while ago Knight House Vextrix was introduced in the Chaos Codex and it is nice that it has been covered and introduced in the Horus Heresy now too (they had strong ties to Mortis I recall). 

The other really cool thing is that there are 15 new battles which can be fought on Death Worlds, Forge Worlds and Hive Worlds!! It’s good to see terrain other than usual city terrain. 

Thanks for reading.