Sunday 8 November 2020

Warhammer AoS Broken Realms: Morathi

Hi all

Have received another Broken Realms book, this one is about Morathi. 

Another nice and relatively thick book at 120 pages. 

I am always a massive fan of Campaign books, thicker the better with as few Forces as possible, but the narrative of this works for those involved :)

This really gives a Van Hellsing esque feel to the Battalion, where you are properly on the Hunter for abominations!

Morathi-Khaine is a lovely model with some fun rules too. 

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  1. How substantive is the lore? Were the promised shake-ups just draws like Psychic Awakening in 40k or the last AoS supplement?

    This also has the feel of pre-3rd Ed. AoS but could have the impact of Gathering Storm, which would be cool.