Monday 21 December 2020

WarCry: Scions of the Flame Warband complete

Hi all

With the way the world is currently and the inability to have a good 40k or 30k game here and there, small level skirmish games you can play with your Family are great fillers. We were lucky to receive a copy of WarCry a while ago, and whilst i was happy to play the game unpainted (which is odd for me), my lady was not. So here we are with my Warband completed. 

My early thoughts are that the game is fun to play and very simple (almost reminds me of Worms on PlayStation in simplicity). 

Painting the models was fun. I loosely followed the painting guide that WHC released a while ago. 

The lava base was encouraged by my missus. Simple to do and effective. Just paint the base in reds oranges and yellows. Then when dry just paste on around 1mm thick layer of Mordant earth technical paint (the black cracking one) and boom, put in airing cupboard to dry. 



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    1. Do you seal the bases once cracked with watered down PVA to stop the flakes flaking?