Sunday 27 February 2022

Warhammer 40K: Aeldari, Maugan Ra completed

Hi all 

We have just completed Maugan Ra!

Very grateful to GW for this opportunity to review the new Maugan Ra model. In comparison to the previous rules, he moves an inch faster and has an extra two attack dice in hand to hand. The Maugetar (shooting) is an Assault 6 as opposed to the previous Assault 1/4 (the Shrieker option is no longer available) but instead a modified wound roll of 6 inflicts 1 mortal wound on your target as well as your normal damage. He’s lost the whirlwind of death special rule but the favoured of Khane special rule makes up for this in my opinion. The model itself was lovely to assemble and using a abbaddon black spray can to start the model off meant it only took me a couple of days to paint. I like the detail on this model, there’s enough of it but maintains a sleek appearance that I expected from this character. 

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Thanks to Games Workshop once again for the Sample. Tune in this week for Dark Reapers and a look at the Codex!

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