Thursday 24 March 2022

Adepticon has blown us away



So Games Workshop has utterly blown it out of the park at Adepticon. 

I would go as far to say that this is possibly the best set of reveals at an event they have ever made. Never before have I gone from one image to the next in such an awesome frenzy. 

Soooooo. Let’s have a look

Horus Heresy!
Look at the new MK6 marine and that gorgeous gun. Just incredible. Every part of it drips glory. It seems a better pose and scale compared to the current tactical mk6 marines (maybe it’s just me though). 

The Cinematic trailer for the Horus Heresy is a work of art. Just look at all the Warlord shots!

The new generic Praetor looks great. You can see it being used for every Legion from Space Wolves to Imperial Fists. 

The new Chaos Knights are amazing! What a beautiful set of models (and Codex). So you can actually get a set of these Knights and Codex early as a pre-release bundle!

Onto Necromunda. 
The box game is utterly full of models, terrain and minis! So Orlocks vs Nomads. We were kinda expecting that with the teaser trailer, but look at the bugs being ridden! Wwwwwwooooow! The design team at Forge World have done incredible work. 

The new Orlock vehicles are very impressive too!

Then onto Blood Bowl! The team I have wanted for so long! The Norse team cometh (surely the Amazons won’t be too far off given they are in the same league). 
Once again the Models are breathtakingly good!

Season of War Thondia is coming. I really like the idea of Seasons, just hope we get enough time to get armies ready before they are over. 

From AoS the new model for the Underworld range look very cool too as well as the deep sea Nighthaunt. The spells are looking mental too!

What a great day for the hobby. 

Battle Bunnies

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