Saturday 26 March 2022

Aeldari Avatar of Khaine: Magnetised!!

Hi all 

Lauren has (with a small bit of guidance and support from me) help magnetised the new Aeldari Avatar of Khaine. We used 3mm x 1mm neodymium magnets.  

Simply drill the hole, glue magnet in, reinforce with Greenstuff if needed, and make sure it is the right polarity!

The head was a bit more difficult as you have to choose a neck to install on the model during the build (out of 3). We chose the one with the rear facing crest and hoped for the best. Luckily it paid off. We only needed to do a bit of cutting to the bare head to get it to fit. Then a combination of  greenstuff and superglue brought it home. 

So now Lauren ( #honey_the_destroyer88 on Instagram) has finished her Avatar of Khaine! She couldn’t decide on which head or weapons so decided to do them all! :)

It’s a great kit and took a fair amount of time to paint so worth the money.

Avatar of Khaine. 

He is of Mymeara and we will be properly taking him for a battle soon! Can’t wait!

Thanks to Games Workshop for the sample!

Battle Bunnies. 

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