Sunday 13 March 2022

Kill Team: Nachmund review

Hi all. 

We are having a good ol’ look at Nachmund today. This boxed game showcases conflicts between Chaos Space Marines and Aeldari corsairs in hollowed out asteroids, old industrial worlds and abandoned research zones. 

The terrain in this box is some of my favourite terrain out there (nothing new, but a decent selection of pieces) and includes a  good combination of pipes, silos and vents.

My favourite thing about this box is the Aeldari corsairs though. The models are absolutely incredible and feel suitably separated from Aeldari and Drukhari in aesthetics. The good thing is they can be used in Aeldari forces as of the most recent Codex. 

Love the crane!

You can build them as an elite choice or as a troop choice so we will be hunting down a second set very soon. With the 40K rules they have some good attack dice and a very nice trait that if they hit on a six they always wound.

The Chaos Space Marine models are also really nice. The heads are a bit not to my taste, so will probably go for helmets and have them painted in Night Lord colours.

Thanks to Games Workshop for the sample.  

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