Sunday 6 March 2022

Warhammer 40K: Aeldari, Craftworld Mymeara Rangers

Hi all

Lauren has finished her Aeldari Rangers for Craftworld Mymeara now. They look great too. 

She decided to go for Snow Camouflage on the robes to contrast the blue and Green nicely. 

Purple spirit stones look fantastic. Highly recommend getting a wet palette if you haven’t already as blending is obscenely easy if you have one of them in your house. Hope Games Workshop do one soon too!

The skin and eyes were done following the advanced guides on Warhammer+, by Louise Sugden. Worth a subscription right there. 

Her 40K Mymeara force is coming on strong. 

Lauren is now working on the Dark Reapers and is looking forward to the new Avatar!

Battle Bunnies. 

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