Saturday 21 May 2022

Age of Sigmar: Daughters of Khaine Battletome review

Today I take a look at the 2022 Age of Sigmar Battletome for Daughters of Khaine, kindly sent to Battle Bunnies for review. Having collected the Daughters of Khaine for a while I like to run a force of Melusai and with the updated tome I feel it’s an exciting time for my chosen list. I first collected Melusai due to the miniatures and this new tome features a myriad of painting schemes and step-by-steps. In the centre of the book are sixteen pages of wonderfully ‘Eavy Metal painted examples which are then accompanied by a six-page painting guide - fantastic! 

Presented in the rich Age of Sigmar red and gold hardback format this battletome is both durable and beautifully presentable on tabletops and bookshelves. It has imposing glossy artwork on the front of Morathi-Khaine to draw you into the 104-page tome. Once opening the cover the reader is presented with fourty-one pages of updated lore from Mortahi-Khaine to Slaanesh to the Sects. Excellent reading I find, especially in forming ideas for narrative army lists - I’ll be choosing Zainthar Kai of course!

My initial list would be as follows but this is always formed from a narrative viewpoint. I’d better determine what works on the tabletop before my next game!

Temple: Zainthar Kai

Bloodwrack Shrine

Melusai Ironscale

2x Blood Sisters (5)

2x Blood Stalkers (5)

Khinerae Lifetakers (5)

There are many great examples of Daughters of Khaine artwork spread throughout the tome with some spooky Nighthaunt fight scenes - also released this coming weekend. There is a double-page spread of Morathi-Khaine and her snake-form giving a close look at colour choices and the superb miniature you may wish to incorporate into your collection. 

We’re always keen to hear your thoughts on the content we review at Battle Bunnies - why not share your ideas for Daughters of Khaine lists?

Kiral Red

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