Sunday 22 May 2022

Age of Sigmar: Nighthaunt Battletome review

Here begins my inaugural review for Battle Bunnies and this is one I’m very excited for! Thank you to Games Workshop who have provided this review copy of the upcoming Age of Sigmar battletome: Nighthaunt.

First off, this is a well presented tome in the hardback red-and-gold Sigmar style. Pleasantly this came supplied with a thick card sheet of tokens and ruler - handy for tracking battlefield effects during gameplay.

On a first read-through I enjoyed the full-page combat photographs and the spooky artwork which complements the lore sections and adds character to the named figure in Nagash’s spirit hosts. There are quite a few art pieces of both new and well-known Nighthaunt.  

The lore sections refresh and advance the established Nighthaunt lore - for those narrative players (the way I play all my tabletop forces) there’s a great hierarchical chart showing the relationship between the Mortarchs and their different hosts. On further reading the host section is of particular interest, talking about various processions within the Nighthaunt - my favourite has to be The Scarlet Doom. Already I'm considering a new sinister red palette scheme.

The first third of the tome is given over to lore which is a fun read, the middle gives the reader an array of ‘Eavy Metal painted Nighthaunt miniatures plus paint guides, and the latter third contains the updated rules for list writing, Path to Glory and Matched Play. It’s great to see the recent miniature releases from Arena of Shades and May 2022 fitting seamlessly into the Nighthaunt ranks. I can see Awlrach the Drowner featuring on my paint table for some Scarlet Doom very, very soon. Keen to see him in Nighthaunt armies at AOS events!

I’ve never played Path to Glory but I’m liking the sound of these Veteran Abilities and narratively holding territories.

My first pick army list after a read-through would be the following but this is based on the Rule of Cool and the Bladegheist Revenants being Battleline for The Scarlet Doom!

Guardian of Souls
Spirit torment
Grimghast reapers (10)
Grimghast reapers (10)
Bladegheist revenants (10)
Bladegheist revenants (10)

There’s a lot of content to absorb in this battletome with many ways to play Nighthaunt i’m sure so why not take a look for yourself? Perhaps share your thoughts with Battle Bunnies?

Kiral Red

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