Saturday 7 May 2022

Horus Heresy Open day 2022

Hi all

We attended the Horus Heresy Openday today and thought we would share some pics. 

Met up with Horus . . .

. . . and with some of the other Battle Bunnies and Titan Owners Club members. 

Started the day with a meal at Bugmans!

The new Kratos is lovely. 

Especially in Space Wolf colours

New Rhino is great too

Spartans were cool too

The special weapon upgrade packs were on show too. 

Dynamic Contemptor! So happy about this!

Tried to get pics with the Cosplayers! 

A cool Kasrkin!


Colm Corbec (My favourite Dan Abnett character). 

An awesome Incubi! Great to talk to her too. Lots of great advice on Cosplay. Think she was Nate’s favourite. 

Ka’Bandha was there. Can’t wait to paint him!

Lots of people (started to feel like a regular event again). 

Managed to get some time with the new rules :)

Some of the new rules on display to game with. 

Where the Heresy culminated. 

Even managed to paint a few Beakies. 

Great fun and lovely to catch up with the GW event team and Warhammer Community. Louise Sugden was great to talk to with the kids, as was Peachy. 
Would have been great to have seen Andy Hoare and the Specialist Games team and designers so we could go more into the rules, what’s coming and what to expect in the future with timelines etc. 

The books are huge. Not a Campaign book on site though at the moment. Shame they weren’t out to read and flick through. Missed the people working on pages for us to chat to, always felt a bit of a great seeing them too. 

Thanks to WHC for putting it on. 


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