Tuesday 10 May 2022

Imperial Knight Dominus review

Hi all

Games Workshop have sent us the new Knight Dominus box to review (thank you!). The box gives you the option of building either Knight Castellan or Knight Valiant.
I have gone for Knight Castellan which is a longer range Knight in comparison to the Close quarters Knight Valiant. The Castellan has a  plasma decimator with a range of 48” and a volcano lance which is able to reach 80”. 
The Valiant’s conflagration cannon and thundercoil harpoon have a meagre on 18” range in comparison, making the Castellan a long range weapon bed Knight chassis. 
Both variants are equipped with shieldbreaker missile, twin meltagun, twin siegebreaker cannon and titanic feet (but you do get some options to change the secondary shoulder weapon configurations). 

It’s a sizeable kit to build but I found it straight forward and easy to assemble. I’m going for House Ærthegn for my scheme as I want to be using this model at the next Titan Walk (in addition to some extra ones too by then!). 
Obviously Ærthegn sided with Horus during the Heresy, so hopefully I can use them as a Horus Heresy Knight force too. 

As of the new Imperial Knight codex, both Knights have the highest power points values in the book, with Castellan at 31 and Valiant at 30. 

With both options available in one box, I would love to see if people opt to magnetise the separate parts to be able to swap between the two different knight options depending on if you want to play a long or short range game (even if it is just the weapons not the Torso). 

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