Wednesday 13 July 2022

Hector Cephas: What's next?

Hiya everybody,

It's been quite a while since I last posted here prior to the Heresy 2.0 previews (23rd June 2019!!!) so we're certainly overdue a catch-up on what has been going on with my various projects and what I've got in the pipeline for the foreseeable!

When I last blogged on here, I was mid-flow with my Thousand Sons, with plans to put together a "small" militia/solar auxilia force to form up the Prospero Spireguard. Unfortunately, that project has somewhat stalled - I still have everything for it etc but I ran out of hobby mojo so a lot of things came to a halt including that big project. Through out the lockdowns etc in 2020 and 2021, I didn't do much hobby and what I did do was more 40k orientated - got a decent sized Deathwatch force (of which I have about 1.5k points fully painted, everything else is primed and ready whenever I fancy dabbling in it) that has appeared at a couple of doubles events at Warhammer World now and that is pretty much the extent of the hobby I did in that period.

2022 however has been a surprisingly productive year to date:

  1. Adeptus Titanicus - originally posted about doing Legio Defensor however I ended up going with Legio Ignatum/House Taranis like I originally planned to, I've got 2 Warlords, 4 Reavers, 1 Warmaster, 3 Knight Lancers and 1 Acastus painted up for that!

  2. Warhammer 40k - I have a Necron army built awaiting priming for the most part; I have started painting some of them but am becoming less of a fan of the paint scheme sadly. Fortunately it's quite early days so I can restart that proper when the mood takes me.

  3. Horus Heresy 1.0 - Assembled and primed a Shattered Legion list as what I have wanted to do (and I don't believe we can do this yet in 2.0 but hoping that this changes in future expansions) is put together an army representing the defenders of Sotha (so Polux (with some Fists), Dantioch, and some Ultramarines) together as a single fighting force which I think would be quite fun to play.

"So then Hector, which are you going to get done first? Is it one of the three options above? Or are you finally going to get your Spireguard done?"

*cough* Well, urm, technically number 3 but... I'm actually fully investing into an Ultramarine Legion rather than just a small token force... With the new starter set, it made it pretty hard to not consider a new legion as you get a lot in it, more than you'd want in an allied detachment too so you kinda have to just go for it really (or at least that's my excuse!). I also somewhat trapped myself by writing the review for the Ultramarines on here, the more I wrote about them the more I realised "actually, I really like the Ultramarines; 40k poster boys be damned, these guys rock"

"OK then, so what are you planning to work on?"

My list of things I have gone in for is as follows:


  • Guilliman
  • Ultramarine Praetor in Artificer Armour - I've converted him into a breacher praetor
  • Ultramarine Praetor in Cataphractii Terminator Armour - will remain a praetor/champion/delegatus as required
  • Praetor in Terminator Armour - converting into a legion herald
  • Chaplain in Power Armour - I think controversially for me, this one might actually stay as a Chaplain!
  • HH 2.0 Loyalist Praetor - converting into a Master of Signal
  • HH 2.0 Traitor Praetor - thinking possibly a Librarian or something, not entirely decided yet
  • Warhammer World Exclusive Command Rhino


  • 2x MkIV Tactical Squad (20 men each)
  • 1x MkVI Tactical Squad (20 men again)


  • 1x Invictarus Suzerain Squad - 9 men; strange number but these were part of my Shattered Legion force when you could only put 10 men in a Land Raider; likely will be taken as a retinue for my breacher praetor or Guilliman himself
  • 1x Fulmentarus Terminators - 10 men; converting these from the HH 2.0 set of terminators, I have sourced 10 cyclone missile launchers so I am looking forward to getting these guys on the table!
  • 1x Praetorian Guard - 10 men; I'm a sucker for these breachers, they're so cool!
  • 2/3x Contemptor Dreadnought - I have got 2 of the new plastic dreadnoughts (adopted a stray from someone else) and a Forge World Ultramarine Dreadnought body to mix parts into the plastic ones or I might be able to make a 3rd if I can work out what I do about the elbow bits

Fast Attack

  • 2x Xiphon Pattern Interceptor - stolen from my 1k sons (they're keeping the Fire Raptor mind!)

Heavy Support:

  • 1x Heavy Support Squad - 10 men, missiles
  • 2x Sicaran Arcus
  • 1x Spartan Assault Tank
  • 2x Warhammer World Exclusive Command Land Raider (will be normal Land Raiders but mixing in bits from these into the Spartan as well to bling them all up a bit!)

So as you can see, plenty to get on with and at the moment I have a lot of motivation to get these done so look forward to seeing more of these appearing in future posts over the coming months. Feel free to leave a comment; if you would like me to go over my other projects in a bit more detail then please let me know and I can put up a post about them if that is something that would interest you!

Until next time,

Hector Cephas

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