Wednesday 31 August 2022

Horus Heresy: Alpha Legion Kharybdis part 1

Hello all

I've always wanted a Kharybdis Assault Claw, it is such a cool model, fairly easy to build, quick tip I picked up, pin the tops of the panels !  It makes construction 100% easier.
Pose wise, not much you can really do with an assault claw, but I decided on a landing pose, showing the moment the Claw is touching down.

Next up was deciding on a base, with its legs folded the diameter is 10 Inches, with the legs extended it is 12 inches !  It is truly a massive beast !
As I am having the Claw at a slight angle I decided on a 10 inch base because: a) Space is a premium in my tiny house, b) The smaller base makes the Claw seem even bigger.

I had a spare Reaver Carapace from a fellow TOC member who managed to receive one damaged, he kindly let me have it for scenery and this would be a perfect piece for the base.
To get the Claw at an angle I used a 5mm steel rod, drilled directly into one of the thruster vents, the rod goes all the way up onto the Claw and is very sturdy.

The Reaver Titan carapace is fleshed out with a few pieces of foamcard and other plastic spare bits to make some inner walls and detailing etc.
I now need to build up the debris and rest of the wrecked Reaver Titan.

Painting wise I am hoping to be able to make it appear red hot around the cut away edge of the carapace and the ground area to simulate the immense heat generated by the Claw and the melta array cutting through anything it lands on.
Not sure if I'll have firing thrusters (i.e., have a flame effect coming from them), or if I will build up the base and have it as landed on uneven ground. (the legs can still be extended to rest on pieces of terrain, I also happen to have the cowling of a Reaver Melta Cannon spare, so could use that to make a wrecked gun sticking out of the ground for one of the legs to rest on)

The Claw will be able to be removed from the base, still contemplating if I'll make a smaller base to use in game, but this will be a simpler affair, but still at an angle, I feel that a flying Claw horizontally looks a bit silly. 

That is all I have for now, I'll post weekly updates on progress and development, happy to answer any questions :D


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