Saturday 13 August 2022

Horus Heresy: Liber Mechanicum review

Hi everyone.

We were fortunate to receive a copy of the Horus Heresy Liber Mechanicum for review.  You can check out the video at the bottom of this page.

KiralRed has got his hands on this book and shares some of this thoughts below…

Warlord Traits
Mech have access to the core Warlord traits seen previously in the Liber Astartes and Liber Hereticus with the addition of three unique Mechanicum traits. Gone is the random D6 table.

When it comes to Army List, gone are the three flavours of Ordo Reductor, Legio Cybernetica and vanilla Mechanicum. The flavour and character of your Mechanicum army is achieved using The Orders of High techno-arcana. This special rule and the options within will be recognised by any HH version 1 players but they've been expanded in detail: shaping the playstyle and abilities of your units. Obtainable by Archmagos Primes, these are Archimandrite, Cybernetica, Lacyraemarta, Macrotek, Malagra, Myrmidax, Reductor. Some of the named characters have their own, additional and unique techno-arcana.

In Liber Mechanicum there are some immediate changes that existing Magos' may notice. Gone are fun Termites (I'm hoping these appear in a future Warcom PDF) and for Ordo Reductor lists The Matrix of Ruin FOC, Artillery Tank Batteries and Scoring Tank benefits are also absent. Liber Mechanicum is light on flyer options so unless a future PDF re-introduces the options we're going to resign Avenger Strike fighters, Lightnings and Arvus' to the bench. I wonder what the future will bring.

When it comes to Dedicated Transports across the Liber Mechanicum we have the well recognised Triaros Armoured Conveyor as the sole option. Strangely Thallax are capped at squads of 6 with Triaros despite its capacity being more than enough for full-complement squads.

Personally, I'm excited to see positive changes to some signature units. Scyllax Guardian-Automata; reduced points cost, reworded Rad Furnace rules. Castellax; kept as troops, removed Support Unit special rule, access to Line Sub-Type with certain Techno-arcana. Vehicle Volkite Sentinels are now standardised and reworded as Volkite Calivers. Adsecularis Covenants now have standardised stock wargear and are still designed to operate as everyone's favourite Tar Pit/ Shield-wall unit. 

Now i'm off to learn Cybertheurgy and how it can be complement Techno-Arcana.


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