Friday 9 September 2022

Kill Team: Into the Dark - Kroot Kill team painted

Hi all. 

Following up from the scenery painting tutorial we did online, we now have some lovely Kroot to show off!

@eyecon74 painted these lovely models for our club. You can follow him on Instagram. 

They were great to assemble (with a few fiddly pieces). 

The Shaper looks awesome. Great to see new models for this army. 

The Kill Team assembled. 

Kroot Hounds look great. Would love for GW to make a plush of them. 

We are trying to get a painting guide up online, so check back to our YouTube channel to see it soon hopefully. 

Thanks to Games Workshop for the review item. 

If you want to see our painting guide to the scenery and unboxing click here. 


Battle Bunnies 

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