Thursday 8 September 2022

Basing big Titans


I used some trophy plinths off of ebay they fit surprisingly well and are scaled up from the Adeptus Titanicus bases you get with the plastic models.

First I go about putting 6mm thick cork on to the plinths depending on what size base you use you may need 1 or 2 sheets per base. Then stand the titan you want onto the cork and trace round the feet with a pencil or sharpie.

Once done you should have a rough outline of the feet. This is where you can plot holes to drill to make the titan more secure when moving on the battle field.

As you can see I have made a few test wholes in the base these will be secured with screws once both base and legs are fully painted, for now I use to screws in the center that secure the legs to the base.

**warlord on cork base

Once all your bases have been corked now it's time for spraying, I use Colour Forges matt black spray as it's a big rattle cam compared to other retailers and gives a nice flat matt finish.

**bases all sprayed

This is my recipe for how I do my bases seen on my reavers and house Malinax knights

First of grab a big brush and start putting a layer of korne red all over the cork.

Next same method again but pic random spots and go around the edge of the cork with methiston red this adds gradient to the red so it is not just a flat red.

Now add Evil Suns Scarlet in the same fashion but focusing more around the raised edges of the cork.

Finally add Wild Rider Red to the outskirts and any patches of methiston red

With all the red done you can add any flock or grass tuffs or any other basing material you like to break up the base.

Hope you enjoyed. Obviously you can decide to use earthy tones, but my Titans are already brown so I have moved away from that scheme


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