Sunday 18 September 2022

Weekly Progress Report: 18/09/2022

Hi all. Been a mental week for all as you have seen!

So let’s see what the Bunnies have been up to. 

Drake has been working on his Ryâkan combine Squat army! He managed to get them to a battle ready standard so he could enjoy a game with Honey the Destroyer. 

You can watch the game here! See if the Aeldari managed to put up a good fight. 

KiralRed is still working on his sicaran tanks from the last update but their scheme is starting to come together and transfers should happen today. He's also decided to get some base colours onto a pair of Leviathans which have been guarding the workbench.

The Gory Crow:
Varnishing the armour panels of Warlord Titan “Vulture of Ruin”.
Prepping for the weathering phase to get this looking like an ancient engine of war.
I will be raiding my Bitz Box for mechadendrites, pipes and cables to represent Techpreists making modifications to help the engine sustain itself.
not sure how much barbed wire i’m going to put on this, time will tell

Andy met Ikthelion and a few other friends at Warhammer World for a big 10k battle! SoH and IW vs BA and IF 7 hours of gaming later the result was a 10-10 draw!

Luke has finished the dark metal underside for the legs and is now adding chains/ motifs to the leg armour panels.

Eyecon74 has been hard at work on a number of projects!  Almost done, just need to do oil washes on everything (actually remembered to apply transfers first this time!)
I have 10 Tartaros Terminators with some conversions (power halberds, counts as spears, combi Volkites and a custom Vexilla), also a Shooty Leviathan in a shooty pose, and last but not least, a mighty Fellblade/Glaive.  I had a Glaive and was very lucky to pickup a Fellblade turret from eBay.   I custom build a hull demolisher cannon so I can field either option, came out pretty nice and should be a nice addition to my Alpha Legion!

This week, Hector finished building his Divisio Aeronautica kits - now he just needs a spray day to get them primed. In the meanwhile, he will now be focusing on his Titanicus stuff ready for the end of October

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