Sunday 30 October 2022

Weekly Progress Report: 30 10 2022

Hi all

Bunnies have been busy this week!

This week Honey the Destroyer has been working on her Warlord Titan ready for the 2022 Titan Walk in two weeks time. The gold trim has been completed, the transfers are on and she is just finishing some painting details before applying polish and oil rub. 

Ikthelion has spent some time getting the base paints on his Kasrkin from Shadowvaults, and building the awesome little heavy bolter trailer from the set too!

more titan action from The Gorey Crow this week. Busy washing and dry brushing the structure and endless amounts of trim on warlord Vulture of Ruin. Shiny Shiny. 

This week Engine Phil has been contunuing to put some paint on his HH2.0 Dark Angels.

Drake has just finished the review Cthonian Berserkers. You can see the mega unboxing he did here:

This week KiralRed has completed some painting items for review, you should see them soon!

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