Wednesday 2 November 2022

King Brodd & Sons of Behemat review!

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A little while ago we were sent the new King Brodd model, so we gave it to our Engine phil who has collected giants for a verry long time.

Sons of Behemat This just landed in the Battle Bunnies office, and just in time too as my local GW is starting a Path to Glory Age of Sigmar campaign. What fantastic timing. Ive always been a fan of Big Stompy Walkers ever since the early days of Adeptus Titanicus in fact I have specifically played armies that allow me to stomp on my enemies and squish them mercilessly, from the World that Was and Fantasy Battle to Warhammer 40k and Dreadnoughts, Knights and Titans. Something about the big guys really appeals. So when I was asked to paint King Brodd and take a look at the latest Sons of Behemat Battletome I jumped at the chance.  

As this is my first Path to Glory Campaign, I will be reading through the Battletome’s wealth of Lore on these big guys. It’s full of great artwork and has the rules for all the Mega-Gargants and Mancrushers too.

It’s worth noting they have a painting guide on the Gargants, which includes different skin tones and other details, these kits are filled with them… always fun to paint and you’re always finding more and more details on them.

As these guys are pretty huge they have their own monstrous rampage chart which is quite thematic and fun, although I would’ve like to have seen a belch attack or a headbutt.

With a fully detailed Path to Glory it’s going to be fun seeing these guys progress and advance in level although our campaign will be starting at 500pts which means I can only have one MegaGargant in my army to begin with, lets hope these guys live up to their fearsome looks. 

There’s even a mission for King Brodd which I’m sure I’ll get round to playing as it looks like a blast.

Last but not least King Brodd has these little guys (Creepers) swarming over him that even have an effect in the game, in each charge phase the first enemy monster to go on a monstrous rampage has to roll on a table and if the score is equal to or greater than the Creepers value then he cannot perform his monstrous rampage. This can be huge in game.

Now to get King Brodd on the table I have done him to Battle Ready standard and I will be filling our the details as we progress in the Path to Glory. Having the ability to get stuff done to Battle Ready is such a massive positive, and allows you to have great games with not much effort, you could of course leave it there but I will be taking him to Parade Ready afterwards, he is King after all. 

Engine Phil

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