Saturday 5 November 2022

Horus Heresy: Liber Imperium review (Legio Custodes vs Mechanicum Battle Report & Custodes review)

We were fortunate to get our paws on the new Liber Imperium for review, from Games Workshop a little while ago. 

So we jumped straight on to a battle with the new Legio Custodes list to see how they performed against the might of the Mechanicum. Hope you enjoy. 
It was a good high pointed game of 3k a side. The Legio Custodes force was a real foot slogging list too to see how capable they would be. 
We played with objectives and rolled a standard Dawn of war deployment. Won’t spoil too much more as it was quite a cool game. Can you spot Deadpool too lol!

We also decided to do a read through of the army list and the options that each unit has in another video. Which you can watch here, we will be doing more of these soon hopefully for the other factions in the book:

It is another beautiful Horus Heresy tome which combines Legio Custodes, Solar Auxilia, Sisters of Silence and Assassins.

As you can see the Sisters of Silence have a very enhanced Army list. They now have Jetbikes and Termite Assault Drill!

Solar Auxilia list looks good too. We will have a full breakdown of them in the coming days. There is not too much of an army list change for them though. 

Solar Auxilia can be used by any faction as previous, but understandably none of the other ones!

Constantin Valdor is a Primarch. 119! 
This is something which has been expanded upon/mentioned in a recent novel. I won’t spoil it here. 
To me, Valdor is the peak of what the Emperor could achieve without getting the Chaos gods involved in his machinations.  So a Proto-Primarch!
He plays well, even though he struggles against Mechanicum HQ choices (see the video lol). 

Pallas are nice and cheap options. I have 2 which I will be getting round to paint shortly. Maybe get a third now. 
They Gyrfalcon Jetbikes are verrry impressive. 

We all hope to see more Solar Auxilia in the future! They are such a beautiful army. I do hope they let you slide the faction over to the 41st Millenium too in time. 

The Divisio Assassinorum is a cool addition to the Horus Heresy setting, without breaking the game. They can be glass hammers in places, but as with the Nemesis novel, they can find theirselves coming up short when actually trying to kill a powerful HQ or Primarch. 
We had a game with the Adamus which we filmed, and unfortunately he was killed before he even saw action. Won’t be stopping me though, hope to utilise them more (probably in Zone Mortalis!). 

It’s a really good book. The Legio Custodes do feel strong on a purely footslogging list, especially with their 2+/6++ and Meltabomb toting ways. We will be fielding them against the Legions on film shortly and with some vehicles added to their list. 

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Battle Bunnies. 

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  1. Interesting stuff! I'm personally very excited about the assassins. I don't know if I'm excited ENOUGH to grab an entire book for twenty pages of datasheets but that's kinda what happens when you choose the Alpha Legion, you commit to buying every single book...