Sunday 15 January 2023

Horus Heresy - Horus Ascended leads the First Company to war

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Following my posts yesterday that showed off the new Horus Ascended, including an unboxing video and a battle report that can be found on our YouTube channel. Today we get to see him at the front of his First Company! After that are my thoughts on using his Ascended version in actual games. 

I just love this model and how it looks at the front of my army! He looks fantastic on the tabletop and he really stands out as a great centre piece! 

Horus Ascended in games
I have managed to get 2 games in with the new Ascended model and I have had 2 more using ‘little’ Horus with the Ascended rule set. Quite simply he lives up to his 1000 points! I have found the claw to be particularly amazing, at least against the toughness 4 opponents, being strength 8 in his Ascended form means instant death at initiative 6. Top that off with deflagrate and suddenly your cutting your way through whole units of terminators or other elite units. 

Rage (3) and Feel No Pain (+4) really make him a killing machine on one hand and a tank on the other. Every wound that manages to get through your armour has a 50/50 Chance of being ignored and then It Will Not Die adds another layer of protection. Toughness 8 also means small arms fire is of little concern to him. 

If you have watched our battle report I posted in yesterday’s posts then you will see how he quite easily smashes his way through a Contemptor, Preator, Deathshroud, tactical squad and finally a breacher squad all while only taking 1 wound (though I think I forgot to role Perils of the warp after using The Power of  Chaos eternal). In another game he killed 10 Dawnbreakers with no issue. 

He is great fun to use, but much like other characters in this edition there are a few potential issues to watch out for. The first thing is a bodyguard, as soon as they are dead he can become exposed to some serious fire power. In yesterday’s game he ended up taking 16-18 lascannon shots to the face! Fortunately he only took 2 wounds from this but you can begin to see that large amounts of fire power and some bad luck on dice could lead to him dying. Again, once the bodyguard is down, a simple challenge from any character would mean all that pent up killing power will be locked down for a whole round or even longer if its a multi character or chosen warrior unit. 

My feeling is that at 4k he is probably borderline too powerful and I am not sure how you would go dealing with him at that level. Going to higher points levels he becomes more balanced but also has a higher potential to meet his end as the firepower that can be directed his way is substantially increased. 

My last thought, and to quote another great titan, is that he is inevitably. You can try to slow him and shot him down but ultimately he will kill whatever he fights and he will most likely make his points back as a minimum, if things really go your way I think he could take down an army on his own! 

Happy gaming!


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