Saturday 14 January 2023

Horus Heresy - Horus Ascended Review, unboxing, and battle report

Hello Bunnies! 

We have been lucky enough to be sent the new Horus Ascended model as a preview! Ever since his unveiling I have been very excited to get my hands on this model. For long time followers of the blog you will most likely be aware of my Sons of Horus First company, which was my army of choice for the 1st edition of the Horus Heresy. It nearly always included Horus, so a new much more awesome looking model got me very excited!! 

I will say he is a spectacular model and he was a joy to build and paint! Upon receipt I did an unboxing video which can be found on our YouTube channel and by following this

Drake and myself also got together to have a 4K game to test out Horus Ascended. His 1000 points didn’t disappoint! You can watch the game on YouTube and by following this

The model itself is just fantastic! He comes with a colour instruction manual, which for the most part is good. Each part fits together near perfectly, likely a result of 3D design as opposed to manual sculpting. Very little clean up was required and the detail is sharp. 

The only thing that I don’t really like is his scenic base, which is much better than I thought it would be from the previews on the community site, but still not to my liking. So I mounted him on his 50mm base and added some rocks so that he matched the bases on the rest of my army. 

The wolf pelt was slightly fiddly to put together and I would recommend leaving the front leg of the wolf off and adding this once you have the main wolf in place as it sits quite specifically and attaches in a certain way that I think may be difficult to get perfect if you build it separate as the instruction suggest. 

The other difficult part was the claw. Each claw is separate and they are all numbered in the instructions but usefully they are not numbered on the resin sprue so it was a little bit of a guessing game to get them to look right on the model. The top and bottom are straight forward but the middle 2 less so. They were also the only bits that I found didn’t slot together like the rest of the model. 

I went for fully assembling him before painting and I didn’t find any part particular difficult to reach during painting. I suspect it will be much easier in sub assemblies but that has never been my style! 

Lastly he is a BIG model! Here he is next to ‘little’ Horus. Ascended is a lot chunkier but the models actually stand at a fairly similar height, mainly due to Ascended being in a more dynamic pose and running forward, rather than standing upright. 

My last thought is that I am glad Worldbreaker grew in size and thickness! I had broken the previous one off too many times! 

If you are a Sons of Horus player this model is a must! If you’re a painter and collector then this is perhaps the best Character series model that Forge World have done! I highly recommend picking this kit up! I will be using him for both Ascended and regular Horus as the model is far to awesome to leave in the cabinet for games of 4k and bigger! 

Check back in 2 hours to see the fully painted version or watch our battle report to see him in all his glory! Come back tomorrow to see him at the head of my First Company. 

Happy gaming! 


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