Saturday 23 September 2023

Horus Heresy Knight Acheron and Knight Castigator House Ærthegn

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We were really fortunate to receive the Knight Acheron and Knight Castigator as review items from Games Workshop. Lauren immediately jumped on them as she is hoping to make a Knight Banner for Titan Owners Club events, and she has a fondness for the bigger Knights!

So here they are in the Traitorous colours of House Ærthegn.



If I could control a Knight, it would be the Castigator with the Lancer a close second.

It is a fantastic kit to put together, with the ammo feed being especially awesome. You actually don't need to glue each segment in place. You can let it sway.

The cannon is especially meaty at killing those smaller Legiones Astartes!


What a chainfist!

Another fantastic model. The ammo feed is also especially satisfying to assemble.

We had some custom transfers made for this project. Happy they turned out so nicely!

Lauren used oil buff to give the Knights a worn and grimey feel.

The Knight banner in action!

So in Warhammer 40k currently this Knight Banner comes in at around 2000pts!

And it is quite a thing to behold, especially when a Cerastus Knight is similar in scale to a Warhound Titan.

Expect to see them in a Battle report soon! :)

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