Saturday, 20 February 2016

Horus Heresy Word Bearers: Breacher Siege Squad

Howdy Guys and Girls!

Tonight I want to share progress on my Breachers - the squad is almost done, just need to finish their special weapons (still waiting for some airbrush paints). Will post the full squad next week - oh, and I may start to paint their Primarch!

Word Bearers Legion Breacher Siege Squad Raeveth

Unknown Company, Chapter of the Graven Star

The most harzardous and desperate spheres of warfare such as boarding actions amid the cold void of space and the forlorn hope of the first wave of attackers into a breached fortress often proved lethal beyond endurance, even for the warriors of the Legiones Astartes. For this reason, since the early days of the Great Crusade, specialised forms of wargear and tactics had been under continuous development to cope with these "Zones Mortalis".  

Breacher Siege Squads were units of Space Marines equipped with specialised arms and employing specially customised and augmented suits of hardened Power Armour - usually variants of the Mark III Iron Pattern, modified by the Legion's Techmarines to better withstand the rigours of siege warfare and close-quarters boarding actions in space. These units employed heavy ablative shields to resist enemy fire and specialised breaching charges and lascutters to bypass bulkheads and shatter internal strongpoints. 

Note: Veteran Sergeant Parkus Raeveth, Chapter of the Graven Star. Sergeant Raeveth's battle plate is typical of that worn by most Legiones Astartes Breacher Units, a sub-pattern of Mark III, although the chest plate got substantially modified by Legion armourers. As an officer he wears a black helmet, a practice that came into beeing after the events of Monarchia. 

Note: Tigris pattern combi-flamer. Tainted meele-weapon, origin unknown. Anvillus pattern back pack - incorporating advanced thruster vents for use in void and boarding operations, decreased radiation shielding.

Note: Non-Mechanicum-approved modified Nuncio-Vox - "Warp Flask".

Note: Legion Vexilla, Chapter of the Graven Star.

Hope you like them so far! Thanks for reading :)

Lady Atia