Sunday, 21 February 2016

Weekly Progress Report 21/2

Hey guys, another week has passed and another progress report has arrived. A good chunk of progress to report this week from all of us, so without further ado lets get going:

King Fluff has had a slow week this week as he spent the majority of his time on the distant planet of Nor'fukk. He has however nearly completed the scenic bases for his leviathan and storm eagle.

I (Darko) have been continuing on his project to update his World Eaters. I have been working on my Rampager squad and working to add battle damage to the models. Work has been slow and hope to complete the damage and extras by next week and will show worthwhile pics then.

Drake has carried on working on Bone Garland this week. He will hopefully get on to the Gun shields and secondary head this week.

Darien has been working on his second Contemptor for his Sons of Horus First Company. Only the base is left to finish!

Kaelo has been working on the groups communal Solar Auxilia project. This week he has made progress on the Flamer, Volkite and command squad ready to pass them on to the next step. He has also started converting his own Commander who will feature in his 12th Expeditionary Fleet alongside Kaelo and Guilliman. Here is a small update but expect a bigger one tomorrow.

Atia managed to almost finish her Breacher Siege Squad - only the special weapons are left. She also started to do the base for her Lorgar - the plan is to have a 40mm gaming base, a 60mm single diorama base aswell as a big combo-base for Lorgar and Angron. It's not quite finished yet and still needs some Astrogranite.

Aveinus has spent this week working on a new xenos project which will be featured in a post over the next week or so! As soon as he gets paid he'll cracking on with some support marines for his iron hands.

Tylar has been designing new buildings and clipping plastic in preparation. Check the blog on tues for a Building bigger things update.

So, a nice bag of mixed updates from us all. Different projects and different results all around!! What do you guys like this week? What have you all been working on? Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane