Sunday 19 June 2016

Weekly Progress report 19/06/2016

That time of the week. 

This week King Fluff has been adding to his Mechanicum, converting one of the new plastic Techpriests and working on more automata. He's also managed to start repairs on his Titan legion after the summer heat decided to make all the super glue on the toe joints release.  

Tylar has been building his next unit in preparation for summer gaming. The Phalanx Wardens have been assembled with the Vet Sgt getting a set of the slightly larger plastic legs to give him the 'Artificer' look. Two legionaries have been given plastic right arms with small magnets to allow for the addition of special weapons and combi weapons. Tylar has also added Khorne red to his FW tile. 

Darien has spent the week completing Horus! More pictures can be seen on his post from Friday.

Aveinus has been spraying his next Contemptor Dreadnought which was featured in a post yesterday with purity seal and then chaos black.  

Kaelo has been working on 3 Solar Auxillia gunners, which will ride in some of the recently completed tanks. This will hopefully debut in the continued games of the Purokar League - due to restart this week. Stay tuned for the battle reports and stories coming soon.

Drake has been very busy chipping 3 Leman Russ battle tanks for the Solar Auxilia, painting the legs of his two Warhound Titans, assembling 3 Containers and has also been writing/compiling the narratives for our upcoming Purokar League Campaign. 

Castiel has been assembling this week and now has 2 predators ready to be painted for his Dark Angels

Thanks for reading as always :)

Stay tuned for more awesome as well as the start of our Great Crusade Battle Reports. 

Drake Seta


  1. Nice job guys!

    Tylar, could it be possible for a tutorial or some additional pics on the magnetized warders? I would love to magnetize some marines to change their loadout (including some warders, but also terminators and tacticals), and your results look flawless, I wasn't sure if you changed the whole arm or just the hand.

  2. Lovely work all! Battle reports incomming!!! Wahoo!
    I got some work done myself.
    Nothing great like this.

  3. Must magnatize my warmers now, too!

  4. As a result of requests I'll be doing a step by step how to tonight in my post.