Sunday, 8 January 2017

Weekly Progress Report 08/01/2017

So. One week down into 2017. Let's see what the gang has been up to. You may want to rewind a week to see what our current yearly goals are.

As Kaelo said yesterday, he has restarted his Ultramarine project and has been spending the last week trimming and assembling 70 men and a tank. He has done quite well as he has even managed to spray it all black as of today! Here is a picture of one of his converted Invictarii.

Aveinus has been taking a break from 30k, but has still been spending a lot of time painting some Ironjawz for an upcoming Aos event. Once finished he'll be back to 30k but keep an eye out for his next post where he will be showing you what new 30k project he'll be working on next!

Hector has been having a bit of a break from Heresy projects over the festive period. He has painted up a blood bowl team that he likes to call the Buchafen Bees.
Over the next few weeks he will be ordering in all the parts he needs for his World Eaters project.

Darien has also been on a Heresy break. He has been spending the time painting Sylvaneth. He has nearly finished 6 Kurnoth Hunters and once they are done he will begin building some Emperor's Children!

Atia used the past weeks to paint the first members of the famous Skavenblight Scramblers!

I have been working hard on work recently (but still found some time for Leman Russ). He is only about 6 hours from being finished now. 
I have washed his Wolf kin too. 

What have you got done this week?

Drake Seta


  1. Great progress guys!
    Kaelo, your turning into a bit of a painting machine these days.
    Avenius, those. Orcs look cool!
    Hector, great job on the Bees!
    That tree man is very well painted. The colours of the claw (?) really pop.
    Love the Skaven Atia.
    Russ is looking very good.

    I did quite a bit, I stuck leg and hip armour on my Reaver, glued the shoulder hard points on my Warlord, finished building a knight lancer ready for undercoating. I also started a landraider Phobos, though I'm waiting for new tracks from blood and skulls industries to 30k it up a bit. I even did a bit of painting...

    1. Thanks Colonel :)

      Will do the Skavens and hopefully the last Word Bearers (or atleast their Gal Vorbak and Ashen Circle) 'till february. After that - Thousand Sons, Magnus, Tzeentchy Daemons. This will truly be the year of Tzeentch for me ^_^

    2. Thanks Col. :D The claw is celestra grey base, nihilakh oxide and the a white scar highlight.

    3. Cheers guys.
      Darien, that may be a good power sword look. I may have to try.
      So Atia...LoC.... are you one for descerning the future so accurately?

  2. I'm so pumped for world eaters, go Hector! Can't wait to see the army starting and hopefully punching some ultramarines in their fancy faces

  3. Three armoured containers - been a little behind on these. They are surprising satisfying kits to put together.

  4. That is awesome.....

    I'm finishing up my boarding shield VF

    Liking my builds I, hoping my squad is finished soonish so I can post some pics! But I'm going back and forth batch painting my Thousand Sons (40k bandwagon) and my AOS Ironhaws