Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Vlka Fenryka: Deredeo Work in progress.

Hi all

So we are all busy at the moment, but luckily I found some time to take my Deredeo on a bit. 
I am happy with how he is looking currently. Sadly the gold iconography gets a bit lost on the reds. The gold iconography in the art is a lot brighter than what is on the Transfers (this may be because they need to be sealed onto the model carefully though). 

The barrels in the art work are slightly worn too so I tried hard to achieve this effect on the steel of the autocannons.  

The red stripe was done with blending Gal Vorbak Red and Word Bearer red (about 50:50)  up to about 30:70 towards the top. 
You can also see that the armour has had the armour wash now too (see my Vlka Fenryka painting guide for more information). 

I cut one of the Vlka Knotwork pieces in half and applied half to either side of the gorget. Once again it gets kind of lost on the model on most photos. 

So still a way to go as you can see, but it is definitely a good warm up for my next projects. 

The goal is also to eventually be able to achieve this, and guess what . . . . I have a very good plan. 

Drake Seta


  1. Excellent work man, when I saw this in the weekly update I was really hoping you would do a post like this.
    The knotwork on the gorget looks amazing. I imagine that would look great on a leviathan.

    1. Yeah. There is some split knotwork that FW has used in their model images, on a Leviathan which looks good.
      But what I love is the stuff in their art work in Inferno which is similar to the Caestus above.

  2. Your pics of that mini have almost sold it to me, I've never been sure, but yours looks great.
    It's not just you with those decals, the gold transfers on that sheet do kinda get lost in both red and grey backgrounds I've found, almost given up using them on my wolves

    1. Yeah it's sad really. I might hold them back just for black panels.

  3. That's some lovely work. Love all the celtic knot works the wolves are getting.

  4. Wow that looks fantastic!
    Really enjoying this dread!

  5. Oooh the gold on the torso looks really nice!

  6. Great job Drake. I continue to watch your stuff for inspiration!