Sunday 18 March 2018

Weekly Progress Report 18/03/2018

Hi all. Hope the snow and bad weather has encouraged you all to stay in and hobby!

Aveinus has been basing his Gretchin and Ork Nobz this week, he’ll also soon be working on a Painboy, Battlewagon and some Meganobz

Following from his post yesterday, Hector has managed to finish off the cloak and is making a start on layering and highlighting Dorns armour.

Update: Done some work on Dorns armour, just needs highlighting

Kaelo has been working on his Sector Mechanicus terrain and has been trying out ways to make the silos look like they are full of liquid. Here is a picture of stage one:

The Battle Bunnies


  1. Oh! I'll be looking forward to your experiments with filling up the Mechanicus Silos!

  2. Some good stuff, almost tempts me to get Rogal Dorn.