Wednesday 3 August 2022

Horus Heresy: Vlka Fenryka Leviathan Dreadnought completed

Hi all

I have finished the sample Leviathan Dreadnought that Games Workshop sent out for review to us now. So have a look :)
It is painted in the colours of the Vlka Fenryka/Space Wolves/Rout to the painting guide below. 

The Knotwork was actually incredibly fun to do. I will be doing a video guide on this on our YouTube channel in the near future if you want to see how I did it. So click and subscribe. 

The grey was airbrush of Stormvermin fur over black. I then highlighted and sponged it up with codex grey mixed with Stormvermin fur, to Administratum grey mixed with Stormvermin fur to give it a mottled and aged look. 

The white was Administratum grey mixed with white layered up to white at the highest. 

All metalwork was Warplock bronze to Leadbelcher (then with a final sponge or drybrush of Leadbelcher to Ironbreaker after the streaking grime). 
Chipping was 1:1:1 Warplock, dryad bark, Abaddon black. 

Yup so I gloss the surfaces with Vallejo gloss before I put transfers on. I then give them two to three further thin layers so the outside of the transfer skin vanishes and you can’t make it out anymore otherwise you get a horrible frosted square look. 
Then I put 2 thin brushed coats of Pledge (multi surface wax) over the model (waiting for each to dry in turn). 

I then covered the model in a nice mix of black and AK interactive for internals brown streaking grime. You can try an enamel wash like the range AK do and it will likely give the same results. 

After it dries, buff it off with high quality tissues (not toilet paper) or Q-tips. You can use White spirits too if needed. 

When dry you can then paint on or dab on Matt varnish, or maybe even use a nice varanish spray. 

Then bobs your uncle. 


  1. I adore the knotwork, just great. Please share the "how to" guide soon as I am currently assembling my Leviathan. Thank you so much

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  3. I really love the knotwork decoration. Any chance for your video guide to be released soon?

  4. @Drake Seta I really would like to copy your knotwork design, would you please post a how-to guide or upload a video. Thank you very much, I appreciate the effort.