Sunday 4 September 2022

Weekly Progress Report: 04/09/2022

Hi all

We have had a very exciting week, with lots more cool stuff coming this week too!

So let’s get started. 

This week Eyecon74 has been working on the new Kroot Kill Team, build a shooty Leviathan and putting the finishing touches on my Kharybdis..

More on his Kroot in the coming days too!
Drake has been assembling the new Imperial Navy squad from the recent Kill Team into the Dark (as well as some other cool bits to show soon). 

Check out our latest video for Kill Team into the Dark, which also has a great painting video on how to get a quick and effective Space Hulk look.  

Excited to try out the new Chaos Daemons codex KiralRed has opened some pustules in his backlog and building some Plague Toads as Plague Drone proxies

Hector got less hobby done than he hoped this week but he has managed to assemble and prime his Legio Ignatum Dire Wolf

Andy finished his Plastic sicaran to go with his 10 year old resin one! Then built 20 tactical support marines with flamers for his salamanders.

Lukes been working on bases for his titan legio to match the two reavers he's done previously. There will be a guide for this, this coming week! :)

What have you been up to?

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