Sunday, 7 August 2022

Weekly Progress Report 07/08/2022

Hi all. Another week down! We are all looking forward to the new Horus Heresy releases coming up soon, and WarCry Heart of Ghur has been a good diversion. 

Let’s show what we have been working on!

Andy has made a start on Sevatar. Filling in the silvers and reds.

A bit of a quiet one for Hector this week so not a lot to show but hoping to get a lot more done next week. 

Lukes slowly making progress with the Tryant of Xana II, the metallics are down next up is to do the ivory/bone colours most featured on the god engines of Vulturum and house Malinax. Xana II prevails!1

Ikthelion has been on a nostalgia kick this week after finding his original Daemonhunters Inquisitor which he painted in 2003. He’s laid his hands on another copy of the miniature and has been painting it up this afternoon - still a lot of work to do!

Drake has been painting some Khorne Daemons up with his son Nathaniel (7) this week. They are still Work in Progress, but they are doing it as a simple and easy first army project for Nathaniel, using Contrast paints and other basic techniques. They are looking forward to the new Chaos Daemon Codex!

What have you been up to? 

Battle Bunnies

Saturday, 6 August 2022

Horus Heresy: Alpha Legion Leviathan

Hi all 

I was looking at the Transfer Sheet for the Alpha legion and it has some really nice transfers on it, but they are pretty big so it is not easy to use them easily.

I had already used a decal some time ago on a shield and that came out very nice, so decided to add one to my Leviathan.
I measured it out and after some dryfitting decided that it would fit, I carefully cut out the little recesses in the armour and started setting it in place.

Now, thing with Leviathans is that the armour panels slope quite a bit, so I had to use a lot of Micro Sol to soften and manipulate the transfer in place.

Use more Micro Sol to soften the edges and keep pressing it down with an old brush, I used the tip of a scalpel to carefully push the vents and recesses in the top of the armour, as well as around the rivets. Once I was happy with the placement I used some varnish to lock it all in place.

After this I started using a sponge finger dauber to go around the edges, for this I used Ironrach Skin and then Deepkin Flesh, both have a faint hint of green in them which matched the colours on the transfer.

After that I started doing some weathering with a sponge and some Rhinox Hide, Skragg Brown, Chainmail and then applied a dot of Seraphim Sepia to the rivets.  I tried to concentrate on the still visible seams of the transfer, sadly they are still a little visible, but I can live with it !

FInally I applied an oil wash all over, cleaned it and this is the end result, quite happy with how it ended up :D

Eyecon74 (follow me on Instagram)

Battle Bunnies

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

Horus Heresy: Vlka Fenryka Leviathan Dreadnought completed

Hi all

I have finished the sample Leviathan Dreadnought that Games Workshop sent out for review to us now. So have a look :)
It is painted in the colours of the Vlka Fenryka/Space Wolves/Rout to the painting guide below. 

The Knotwork was actually incredibly fun to do. I will be doing a video guide on this on our YouTube channel in the near future if you want to see how I did it. So click and subscribe. 

The grey was airbrush of Stormvermin fur over black. I then highlighted and sponged it up with codex grey mixed with Stormvermin fur, to Administratum grey mixed with Stormvermin fur to give it a mottled and aged look. 

The white was Administratum grey mixed with white layered up to white at the highest. 

All metalwork was Warplock bronze to Leadbelcher (then with a final sponge or drybrush of Leadbelcher to Ironbreaker after the streaking grime). 
Chipping was 1:1:1 Warplock, dryad bark, Abaddon black. 

Yup so I gloss the surfaces with Vallejo gloss before I put transfers on. I then give them two to three further thin layers so the outside of the transfer skin vanishes and you can’t make it out anymore otherwise you get a horrible frosted square look. 
Then I put 2 thin brushed coats of Pledge (multi surface wax) over the model (waiting for each to dry in turn). 

I then covered the model in a nice mix of black and AK interactive for internals brown streaking grime. You can try an enamel wash like the range AK do and it will likely give the same results. 

After it dries, buff it off with high quality tissues (not toilet paper) or Q-tips. You can use White spirits too if needed. 

When dry you can then paint on or dab on Matt varnish, or maybe even use a nice varanish spray. 

Then bobs your uncle. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Terror Tuesday! Horus Heresy Night Lords - Konrad Curze

 Hello Bunnies! 

Welcome to Terror Tuesday! A new weekly feature dedicated to my Night Lords. I will be showing off the units I have painted, lists, tactics, and progress on new units. I have been working away on these guys for a long time, perhaps a year prior to Forgeworlds Book 9 being released. Sevatar is my favourite character from the fluff and mostly the driving force behind me collecting Night Lords, but I really enjoy how they play on the tabletop and even more so with the release of Heresy 2.0. 

This week we are jumping in with the King of Terrors himself Konrad Curze. 

A great model to paint, I had a lot of fun doing so, I didn’t add any lightning to him as it didn’t feel quite right for him to have it, he is already scary enough! His trim is painted in a brass rather than the silver I used on everyone else to give him that extra special look. 

When I complete a new model from scratch I will add a painting guide, incase you’re wondering though the blue is achieved with Greenstuff Worlds Colourshift Colbolt Blue. 

Oddly I find him hard to get in my lists. I haven’t fully decided what unit he wants to be his bodyguard, I will explore this further in a future post, after I’ve been able to field him in a few more games!

Happy flaying everyone! 


Monday, 1 August 2022

Weekly Progress Report: 01/08/2022

Hiya everyone!

This week Rob has been mostly painting new Warcry warband and terrain, completed my Destroyers, built a Kharybdis, a Melta Gun Support Squad and a Reaver Titan Carapace Vulcan Mega Bolter, it was a quiet

Drake has been carrying on with his Leviathan Dreadnought and hopes to finish it on Monday!

Kiral Red has been batch painting new additions (and finishing existing WIPs) for his Thousand Sons. Troublesome heatwave knocked the painting schedule a bit 😂 Kiral Red has also received some new magnet army cases to transport his Thousand Sons although his Mechanicum have to sanction them first of course!

Hector has been busy assembling more of his Ultramarines. He finally performed the Great Resin Wash of 2022 for all his Ultramarine bits, glued various shoulder pads and helmets onto tactical marines (included shaving the trim off some of the pads to turn them into MkVI shoulders) and built another Land Raider. More things left to build but the end of the construction is looking a lot closer now than it has been.

Andy has been building his Rhino’s for his salamanders, all four are now built!

What have you been up to this week?

Battle Bunnies

Warcry: Heart of Ghur terrain painting guide

Hi all

Our coverage continues! Thanks again to Games Workshop for the review sample. 

The Terrain is pretty cool with plenty of detail, I like how the trees grow over the skulls and spines, some of these creatures must have been enormous !
Construction was easy enough and the pieces are solid enough to withstand some knocking.
The Bamboo bridges connect really easy and are sturdy.

How cool is this!!

Such great looking terrain. 

Hope we see some huts soon to go with it!

So biological and twisted! Proper evil looking. 

The trees look like the branches are sinister questing fingers. 

And now a painting guide and some WIP pics!

Kit went together really well, so was a pleasure to assemble. 

Black Base Coat

Bamboo, Rhinox, Skrag, Rakarth.  Wash Creed Camo/Agrax (50/50 mix) and then wiped excess ways with a bit of kitchen roll. (cheating as I was on a deadline, this way you do not need to drybrush :P )

Trees Vallejo Mohagany Brown, then mix of Vallejo Light Brown and Mohageny (50/50) through airbrush.  Drybrush Tree Tips/hands with Rakarth Flesh.
Here is where I went a bit off track, I decided the trees were a little too light, I mixed up some Cygor Brown with some Contrast Medium and painted it all over but this came out too dark !  I drybrushed with the lighter brown to make it a little lighter, then a final drybrush of Rakarth.
I used Caroubourg Crimson on the tips, followed by a quick drybrush of Khorne red.

Skulls/Skeletons, Black, Rhinox, Skrag, Vallejo Light Brown, Vallejo Light Grey, Vallejo White Grey.

After all this I used enamel streaking grim thinned down all over everything, and sprayed some Enamel Moss Deposits around the lower areas which I then cleaned off with some odourless thinner. 



Saturday, 30 July 2022

Warcry: Rotmire Creed painting guide and review

Hi all. 

We have been sent the brilliant new Warcry box Heart of Ghur for review by Games Workshop.

As there is so much in this box we will be doing a few posts of contents over the coming days! :)

Let start with the Rotmire Creed Warcry Warband. Our Battle Bunny Eyecon74 has at them!

I like Warcry a lot, the gameplay is fast and exciting, often high risk high reward moves are actively encouraged to impress the Chaos Gods !

I was very happy when I was asked to paint the Rotmire Creed warband.

Construction was a bit fiddly, but the models are pretty cool with some awesome poses, so take your time, and you will be ok.

Colour wise I undercoated black, then paints used:

Cloaks/Cowls: Incubi Darkness, then Caliban Green, Caliban Green mix with Elysian green (50/50), (wash detailed in Bamboo method)
Trousers/Skirts: Dark Reaper highlight, wash Nuln Oil
Bamboo: Rhinox Hide, Skrag Brown, Rakarth Flesh.  Wash with a mix of Agrax/Creed Camo (2/1) and use a bit of kitchen towel to wipe the excess. Mixing in the green gives the Bamboo a very light green hue in the recesses, which works quite well.
I also applied this same wash over the cloaks (and wiped it in the same manner) this leaves some dirt in the recesses and ties the previous layers together.
These models also have a number of flasks, little icons and are draped in bits of foliage, many of which you'll find when you start painting them !
Finally I applied a thinned wash of Enamel Steaking Grime with Odourless Thinner (50/50) and cleaned it up once it had dried.
Bases were done with Vallejo Earth Texture, washed with Cygor Brown, drybrushed Baneblade brown and applied a wash of some Sepia and Plaguebearer flesh in random areas.  Then added some static grass and leaf litter and finally used some resin to make a few puddles.

I was on a short deadline so only had a few days to paint them up, but I may still go back to them and apply a few more highlights


Reactions are added to the game which sound fun.  The Rotmire reaction, Bile Blood, means that a fighter can use that reaction when suffering a Critical hit, for each crit suffered you roll a dice and on a 3+ you inflict 3 damage on the fighter hitting you !
This is pretty fun, if a little situational, but I have been hit with plenty of crits in the past so this could yield some interesting results !

Almost all the warband have blowpipes, it costs a double to use, in addition to damage done, any roll of a 6 you lower the targets Toughness by 1 until the end of that round, I feel this is pretty strong, if not a little situational, but that is Warcry !

The leader, awesome name by the way, the Witherlord has a large (bamboo) syringe, for the use of a Triple, you get to roll a number of dice equal to the value of the ability and each dice that exceeds the target's toughness value, inflict 5 damage !!  This gels very nicely with the blowpipe ability, and if you have any lucky rolls you can easily remove some larger threats from the table!

Another double is Gruesome Harvest, when you take down an enemy fighter in melee you gain a Potent Vial, when they use an ability later on in the game the value of that ability is always a 6, regardless of the dice roll

The Quad ability is Ensnaring Strike, gives you a bonus combat round for that model, and any crits inflicted on the target cannot make any move or disengage actions until the end of that round.

All in all Rotmire Creed look like an interesting addition to the game and look forward to putting them in play and throwing in my lot with the Lord of Leech!