Saturday, 9 November 2019

Necromunda: Dark Uprising Unboxing

Hi all

Got our paws on the new Necromunda box early.

Firstly I am absolutely shocked about how much stuff is actually in this box and how tall it actually is!

I like the double sided mat so much I have sourced 2x more for a Titan Hanger floor. It is slightly shiny and has a wipe clean style quality/material to it. I am hoping to get the creases out with an Iron and sheet when I decide to mount them in the hanger.

The reverse looks great too. Only issue I can really pick up on is that it is not exactly 2x2ft, but it is perfect for a pick up and play gaming mat though.

The enforcers are a fantastic looking force. I have decided to get a gang of these too now, as they are just too awesome looking to not do them. There are 2 of one sprue and 1 of another.

Possibly one of the best looking gangs in Necromunda in my opinion. The Corpse Grinder Cults are just gorgeous.

I am looking really fond to getting these assembled and see how they measure up to my resin Zone Mortalis board.

Yes yes yes!! Finally some Imperial Aquila free doors! Must buy many more!!

These railings and ladders are fantastic terrain pieces. I am really looking forward to getting these done.

 I am really hoping to find a way to turn these into a stairwell which appears to go further into the ground too.

Cracking set of pipes which we have all seen before.

Details look good, but I still feel the resin ones won detail wise when it comes to the wall faces, but the tops looks better.

Thicker than the old book, great art.

Cracking book and game. Looking forward to keeping the peace!!

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave

Hi all. 

We have been sent a copy of the new upcoming Beastgrave game of the Warhammer Underworlds game system. 

This system does seem to be going very strong still which is great. When we head to Warhammer World it is very popular in Bugmans Bar, with many people bringing it to game against their friends. 

This pack has two new sets of fighters. 

Skaeth’s Wild Hunt Fighters

And Grashrak’s Despoilers 

The Centaur looking miniature is stunning!! The detail on it is fantastic. 

The arena is also very well presented. 

Looking forward to having a game on it!

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Aeronautica Imperialis: How will you paint yours?

So there are millions of camouflage designs out there on the internet. I personally like the old WW2 British Schemes (and some of the American ones). Here is a selection that I have shortlisted for myself. Please feel free to comment on your choices or what you are doing.

 Edging towards the Old Meteor scheme above as my favourite.

Maybe the old Vulcan camo for the Marauders though :)

Monday, 2 September 2019

Aeronautica Imperialis: unboxing

Hi all

We are have been fortunate enough to have early access to the newest Specialist Game which is coming out shortly; Aeronautica imperialis. I have heard fantastic things about this game, with some considering it the second best game to ever come out of Games Workshop following Adeptus Titanicus.

Since I was a kid I have been crazy about World War 2 and early nineties fighter jets, Star Wars and Warhammer, so as you can imagine this is right up my street. The Thunderbolt fighter is also one of my favourite designs (to me it is the Hurricane of the 41st millennium).
This game gives me the opportunity to make a Squadron of the same fighter class, and paint them in my favourite camouflage design from history.

The box art is beautiful and gets you right into the mood for some dog fighting!

Unlike many boxes, this one is not filled to the brim with content and it even has a bit of room for further purchases (which is great for storage). 

2 Thunderbolts. There are 2 different sets of armaments, and there are enough parts to have the same loadout for both.

2 Marauder Bombers

3 Dakka Jets!

2 Fighta Bommers

Marauder sprue 2

The Rule book is nice and compact. I will be having a look at it over the next few weeks and getting some games in hopefully.

Really looking forward to seeing what comes out of GW where it comes to famous squadron transfers and the like.