Sunday, 19 May 2019

Weekly Progress Report: 19-05-2019

Hi all

What have we been up to?

Drake has been ploughing on with his Warbringer Nemesis (expect a post this week with a big update). He is also getting rather excited for the opportunity to paint some models with the new Contrast range after having a play with them at Warhammer Fest.

Looking forward to trying them out with the thinner, but the above mini was painted in 5 minutes. It will make horde armies (especially Tyranids and maybe Imperial Guard) an absolute breeze.

Hector has been busy working on his Thousand Sons ready for Throne of Skulls next week. They're pretty much done now and Hector is looking at what to start working on next.

What have you been up to?

Saturday, 18 May 2019

AoS Review: Soul Wars Forbidden Power

Hi all

We have been sent a sample of the new AoS Forbidden Power boxset.

I thought we would have a look at the Sprues of the excellent new Spells.

By far my favourite is this:
 The Penumbral Engine, whilst not a spell is a fantastic piece of terrain for the realms. The design is just awesome and will be a joy to paint. Add this to the new terrain range that is coming out shortly and your battlefields will look ace.

 The design work that went into this cog work device is just satisfying to look at!

The symbols and are cast in such a way that I can barely believe it is possible from a GW injection mould.

Lauchon the Soulseeker looks great. After seeing the new contrast paints at Warhammer Fest, I can't help but think that the smoke effects and black skulls could be done really nice and easily in 10 minutes. Hope to get my hands on them soon too for a thorough mess around!

 Same with the Shards of Valagharr. The smoke will be a fun thing to paint with the new Contrast paints (maybe followed with a slight drybrush?) and maybe the Shards themselves too.

The Soulscream Bridge is also highly detailed and it looks as though it may be able to support some serious weight with the design. I think this would a great piece for Dioramas in the future too.

The Box comes with all the usual cards you expect to find for the Forbidden Powers.

The more I see these spells, the more jealous I am getting for 30K and 40K. I think these spells actually may have a decent place in the future universe too.

Cracking designs as always GW!

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Previews of Dark Angels

Well. That is incredible. Too nice for words. 

I think this is one of the best looking models ever. Forge World have knocked it out of the park. 

Throne that is amazing. Look at the Knees. Incredible work. 

The Armigers are cracking too. 

Weekly Progress Report: 12-05-2019

Hi all,

Let's take a look at what we've been working on this week.

Drake has been working on his Warbringer. He managed to get the oil wash and buff done. Not much more to do now!!

Hector capitalised on the long weekend last week and made a lot of progress on his Thousand Sons. His tanks need a bit of weathering and then they're good to go and his marines are following closely as they are base coated (but pending a little bit of tidying up).

How are your projects progressing?

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Adeptus Titanicus models, cards and sprues

Here we go. A bit more in the cabinet. 

New plastic bits for Questoris. 

Cards and dice;

Specialist Game Seminar

Specialist Game seminar. 

Sorry no pictures (not allowed in seminars any more).

Adeptus Titanicus. 

Plastic Porphyrion is coming out in next few weeks or months (very soon) and Command Terminals. 2 Per pack. 

Loyalist and Traitor “Titans of Legends” is coming out (theses are specialist named character Titans). 

Loyalist and Traitor Stratergy packs are coming too. 

Loyalist and Traitor Legio Dice are coming (not Legio specific)

Reaver Titan Warp Missile and Reaver Carapace Vulcan Mega Bolter in Resin

Questoris Knights Upgrades on a sprue including the Carapace Weapons etc (Questoris box will be updated to include this sprue). 

Blood Bowl

Halfling Team coming. 

Deeproot Strongbranch is a big oak tree man. 

Willow Rosebark is coming soon. Cracking model. 

More inducement cards coming (Rules information which you have to hand) 

Next team is: Wood Elves!! Look great too. 


Ammo Jack and Domerunner are incredible models in a pack. 

Delaque Weapons packs look fantastic. Snipers, Web Gauntlets and flamers. 

Delaque heads are coming soon. Look great. Lots of optics. 

Kal Jericho and Scabs are coming as a plastic release. 

Next book is the Book of Peril. Badlands and Bad people. Venator Gang list. 

New Dramatis Personae

Detailed rules for active terrain. Active Industrial terrain to carnivorous underhive fungus. 5 new Badzone scenarios and a badzone Trading Post. 

Badzone environment cards. Region Soaked with the power of Chaos, Radiated section etc. 

Card sleeves. Are coming. 

Aaaand. . .next Gang is: Enforcers. Teaser video coming soon. 

Questions and Answers

Battlefleet Gothic a couple of years off as it is such a big project. 

Spyres are still a possibility. 

Titan Chassis: bigger than a Warlord (not Imperator and Light Scout are something they want to do for AT). 

Epic maybe one day. 

More Squats are possible in Necromunda. 

Aeronautica Imperalis was teased in a dog fight video!!!

Thousand Sons - Throne of Skulls Doubles Update

Hi everyone,

We are two weeks away from the Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls Doubles so I thought I'd get be an update on what I'm planning on taking. Each player can take 1250 points each so I'll be taking a small selection of my Thousand Sons and my playing partner is taking 1250 points of Solar Auxilia to fight alongside the XVth legion.


Legion Centurion (Delegatus)
 - Artificer Armour
 - Refractor Shield
 - Psychic Mastery Lvl 1
 - Arcane Litanies
 - Force Axe
 - Master of the Legion (Pride of the Legion)


Legion Veteran Tactical Squad
 - 10 men
 - 2 heavy bolters with suspensor webs
 - Sergeant (Artificer Armour, Power Sword)
 - Vexilla
 - Melta-bombs
 - Psychic Mastery Lvl 1
 - Rhino

Legion Veteran Tactical Squad
 - 10 men
 - 2 heavy bolters with suspensor webs
 - Sergeant (Artificer Armour, Power Sword)
 - Vexilla
 - Melta-bombs
 - Psychic Mastery Lvl 1
 - Rhino

Legion Tactical Support Squad
 - 10 men
 - Volkite calivers
 - Additional close combat weapons
 - Sergeant (Artificer Armour, Power Sword)

Heavy Support:

Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer (no upgrades)


I haven't decided which cult I want these guys to be - any suggestions? I could go Corvidae but I think that might be a bit much and I'm interested to see what you guys would like to see being played. Athanean maybe?

Until next time,

Hector Cephas

Primaris Action Figure

Bandai’s Action figure is here and on display! It looks fantastic. 

These little fellas are cute too

Dark Future: Blood Red States

Dark Future Postcard in the free samples :)

Was a game I played a few times as a kiddo I am excited. The Computer game will be cool.