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Hello and welcome to our Great Crusade page. Here we will endeavour to log and store links to all of our battle reports and Narratives. At the moment it is very empty, but we do aim to create and add stories (historical and created) to the roll below so that whenever you feel like it you can follow one along. We originally thought "lets start at day one and progress" but with the lack of the Emperor for the foreseeable future, we think a jump around approach would be more suitable. Any canon conflicts don't hesitate to email us!
Timeline: We will then follow the best fit Horus Heresy timeline or official dates, which we have assembled below from the Official Primarch discovery order. This has been updated post Book V Tempest.

M30 797 - Event. Emperor launches Great Crusade

M30 801 - Event. Horus is discovered a few years into the Great Crusade and is mentored for 3 decades before the next Primarch is discovered.

M30 829 - Event. Leman Russ is discovered 3 decades after Horus.

Note. Between M30 829 and 834 the following Primarchs are discovered: 

M30 est 830 - Event. Missing Primarch A
M30 est 831 - Event. Ferrus Manus. 

M30 est 832 - Event. Fulgrim is discovered. (160 years before Horus Heresy age of his flagship - would make 845 but order suggests est 832).

M30 est 833 - Event. Vulkan (est 833)

M30 est 833 - Event. Rogal Dorn (est 833)

M30 834 - Event. Roboute Guilliman takes control of Ultramarines - Tempest 

Note. Between M30 834 and M30 854 the following Primarchs are found: 

M30 est 839 - Event. Magnus the Red (est 839)

M30 est 844 - Event. Sanguinius  (est 844)

M30 est 849 - Event. Lion El'Jonson (est 849)

M30 854 - Event. Perturabo discovered.
M30 est 856 - Event. Mortarion is discovered (Note. Between M30 854 and 857 Mortarion is discovered (est 856). (Note. It is stated in Betrayal pg122 that the Dusk Raiders fought Fatherless for 8 decades - this does not work so ignored). Was immediately given command of Legion and renamed them. 
M30 est 857 - Event. Lorgar takes control of Word Bearers - Tempest.

M30 870 - Campaign. Conquest of the Galactic North East of Serphina.

The Battle of Rust
IH vs Orks
Dramatis Personae: Lord Commander Amadeus DuCaine. 
Massacre pg65-66

M30 est 884 - Event. Jaghati Khan discovered. 120 years before Horus Heresy. 
M30 est 904 - Event. Konrad Curze is discovered (Note. Between 884 and 934 - Konrad Curze (est 904) discovered).

M30 934 - Event.  Angron takes charge of World Eaters. He was in command of the World Eaters for 70 years at time of Betrayer Novel so worked out as M30 934. (Although he may have been discovered before this but not trusted).
M30 934 - Golgothan Slaughter. 
WE vs. At least 7 different xenos forces over 11 years. 
Dramatis Personae: WE-Angron
Betrayal - p98. (Note. Takes place soon after Angron takes control of legion). Breaking of the siege of Sarum follows on straight away. 

BB M30 940 - Campaign. The Fall of the Purokar League.
IH, DG, IW and DA enact a forced compliance upon the Purokar League.
Dramatis Personae: Primarch Ferrus Manus, Primarch Mortarion, Delegatus Lorencz Kohler and Chapter Master Castiel Druas.

M30 945 - Breaking of the Siege of Sarum. WE vs. Orks
Dramatis Personae: WE-Angron. 
Betrayal - p98-101.  First campaign Angron commanded full legion to war. (Note. Straight after Golgoth).  

M30 est 952 - Event. Approx date of Corax discovery (Extermination States he was in command for nearly 50 years at compliance of Indra Sul. Which was around 5 years before Heresy. (Note. Mor Deythan entry suggests discovered 925) 

M30 963 - Event. Monarchia falls and Lorgar goes on Pilgrimage.
M30 964 - Event. Gal Vorbak return from the Eye of Terra and rejoin the great crusade circa 965 as were a year out (40 years before Isstvan). At time of istvaan 3 there was only 47 red WBs inc Argel Tal.

M30 965 - Campaign. Vlka Fenryka undertake either a Sanction / expunged conflict.

Circa M30 966-967 - Event. Lorgar returns (he was told by Ingathel that over the next 5 decades he would need to recruit another thousand Legionnaires a year, and if one falls to replace with 2 - this means he wasn't in there for a long period of time so he could enact his plan.

M30 est 967 - Event. Approx date of Primarch B's (Note. Discovery. Between M30 952 and 981 - est 967). 

M30 969 - Campaign. Classified. Vlka Fenryka undertake either a Sanction / expunged conflict.

M30 972 - Campaign. The Farinatus Extermination. Night Lords and Raven Guard.

M30 981 - Event. Alpharius takes command of the XXth Legion.

Unknown - Campaign. Tesstra Compliance.
AL, UM vs Imperial Army. 
Dramatis Personae: AL-Alpharius, UM-Guilliman.
Extermination - p103

M30 984 - Event. Destruction of Nostramo by the Night Lords.

M30 986 - Campaign. Hunting of Ak'Haireth.
AL vs Ak'Haireth
Extermination - p102-103

M30 994 - Campaign. Isstvan Star System. Raven Guard. 
M31 000 - Event. Triumph at Ullanor. Emperor's Children, White Scars, Imperial Fists, Blood Angels, World Eaters, Luna Wolves, Ultramarines, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, Word Bearers, Alpha Legion. Forces - info required. Which Primarchs were fielded during the Campaign? How long was Campaign?
M31 000 - Campaign. Chondax Campaign. White Scars.

M31 001 - Event. Council of Nikea.

M31 002 - Campaign. Kayvas Belt Expedition. Alpha Legion and Blood Angels.

M31 003 - Event. Contact lost with Isstvan system.

M31 003 - Event. Luna Wolves renamed Sons of Horus.

M31 004 - Campaign. Davin. Horus is injured on Davin.

M31 004 - Event. The Destruction of Olympia. Iron Warriors.

Note. For some considerable time before the Betrayal, the Death Guard fought beside the Sons of Horus in the Galactic North attacking targets of extreme environmental hazard / hammer and Anvil style engagements. 

M31 004 - Campaign. Razing of Prospero. The Vlka Fenryka Attack Prospero. Vlka Fenryka, Thousand Sons.

M31 005 - Event. Blood Angels are sent to Signus. 
M31 005 - Event. The Dark Angels are dispatched to the Eastern Fringe.

M31 005 - Campaign. Isstvan III Betrayal. Sons of Horus, Death Guard, World Eaters and Emperor's Children.
M31 005 - Campaign. Signus Star System. Blood Angels, Daemons (Word Bearer and Vlka Fenryka presence).

M31 005 - Campaign. Calth Atrocity. The Ultramarines begin to Muster on Calth.

M31 005 - Campaign. Martian Civil War. The Martian Civil War begins.

M31 006 - Event. All data redacted. Have no idea what this can be.

M31 006 - Campaign. The Dropsite Massacre. Sons of Horus, Death Guard, World Eaters and Emperor's Children, Raven Guard, Iron Hands, Salamanders, Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, Alpha Legion and Night Lords


Unplaced or date not recorded: further info req / to be investigated:

Galactic East expansion (Early GC).
Defence of Tranquility (world).
EC (and UM later) vs. Unknown xenos
Notable names: EC- Legion Praetor Abisare
Betrayal - p114-116
Leads to UM chasing them down. 

Unknown GC. 
Massacre of Katara
EC vs. Abhuman warriors
Notable names: Lt. Commander Abdemon
Betrayal - p117

Unknown GC (after Sanguinius found). 
Compliance of Praxil
Dramatis Personae: EC-Lord Commander Iddinam, BA-Ralderon, IF-Marshall Cazzimus. EC, BA, IF vs Praxil. Betrayal pg118-119.

Unknown GC. 
Alderbaran Septus. 
WE-Armoured assault. Betrayal pg89. 

Unknown GC (After Angron). 
The Cleansing of Ariggata. 
WE and UM vs Ariggata Human race. 
Dramatis Personae: WE-Angron, UM-Roboute Guilliman. Betrayal pg88. 

Unknown GC
Golden kings of the Moraeb drifts. 
EC vs Moraeb (humans) 
Dramatis Personae: EC-Fulgrim, Lucius, Akurduana, Irmandus. Betrayal pg108. 

Unknown GC - Campaign (Wider Sol System). Cleansing of the Mican Aggregation.
IH vs Mutant Scythers.
Dramatis Personae: Unknown.
Massacre pg65. 

Unknown GC - Campaign (Wider Sol System). Lyasx Eradication.
IH vs Xenos Lyasx Enclave
Dramatis Personae: Unknown.
Massacre pg65

Unknown (after m30 839 if Thousnd Sons stated) - Conquest of the Dominion of Storms to the Galactic East
The Fall of the Lords Gardinaal.
Dramatis Personae: IH - Ferrus Manus, UM - Ulan Cicerus 
Massacre pg88-91
(Note. The fall of the lords Gardinaal occurred after guilliman was discovered).

Unknown (after m30 833 if Vulkan and Ferrus joint compliance stated) - Liberation of the Shoxua Cluster.
Vulkan "The Flesh is weak, but deeds endure". Fierce fighting in the Ork dominated worlds. Meduson. Pg 165.
Dramatis Personae: Praetor Ari'i Salamanders, Vulkan, Ferrus.
IH, S vs Orks. 

Unknown: The Lament of Shedim
The War in the Shedim Drifts
LW vs Eldar Craftworld Mor-rioh'i 
Dramatis personae: Horus Lupercal
Massacre: Pg: 157 


 The Horus Heresy (To be updated)

M31 xxx - Campaign. Battle of Harrow Ravening. EC vs Loyal IW. Dramatic Personae: EC-Lord Commander Iddinam vs IW-Warsmith Auric Saxton (IW victory). Betrayal pg119. 

Conquest: We will be basing the Great Crusade Campaigns on the Conquest Tool box in Book 4 Conquest

The Battle Bunnies view on what they want from the Great Crusade:
Drake Seta: I want to be able to "play" my legion. To have the ability to create heroes with great back stories depending on how my Legion(s) Progress. To play the whole conflict out Game of Thrones style to its conclusion at the Scouring. I want to be able to have Primarch fighting alongside Primarch and see how they compliment each other. I want to also be able to have specialist games of Fantasy Flight style Roleplaying and Necromunda style last stands.

Kaelo Rylanus: I want the ability to fight in the greatest story ever told. To fight as, and alongside characters I have coveted for 20 odd years. Develop solid painting skills and design and make great scenery. I want to write stories that are interesting and camptivating.
For the group: I want to forge exceptional campaigns with you all, starting rivalries and developing friendships. I want variety that you cant get from 40k
For the blog: I want us to be the forefront of 30k. A treasure chest of gaming, painting and modelling tips, stories, dioramas.

Lady Atia: What do I love about the Great Crusade? Giant armies, and an unified, uprising empire. Space Marine Legions, Militia, Mechanicum and Titans working together to re-conquer humanities' birthright. Armour, Tank and Weapons beeing tested by different Legions, and stuff beeing invented when needed. Primarchs fighting side by side against Xenos and other scum. The Orks at the peak of their power, with Waaaagh!Bosses as large as Knights. The Eldar, beeing broken and trying to fight to survive. Hrud, Slaugth and more Xenos who aren't that known in the 41st Millenium. Also - Squats are still alive and not eaten by Tyranids. :(

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