The Battle Bunnies

The Battle Bunnies. Updated 10/02/2015

The Battle Bunnies are a 30k era Gaming club out of Milton Keynes, England (though we do have an international Contributor now). We were founded in October 2011. Currently there are 9 members, and most of us meet 2 or 3 times a week for Battles, painting nights and fluff discussions. We are all between the ages of 22 and 35 and really don't take ourselves seriously.

So Why Battle Bunnies I hear you ask; We originally wanted to be known as Bunnies with Bolters with an eventual aim of world domination. But as Bolters and Boltguns is Copyrighted by Games Workshop we settled for Battle Bunnies. The Bunnies aspect came in through a mock argument my brother (Kaelo) and I (Drake) had which stemmed from a Cartoon called Fosters home for imaginary friends. ), originally I wanted Flaming Bunnies. Kaelo agreed to Bunnies after surmising that as they were "fluffy" and we love the fluff of the 30k universe, the naming seemed apt.

We are not Tournament gamers. In our opinion there is nothing worse than a list which completely contradicts / makes a sheer mockery of the canon of the 41st millennium or the Horus Heresy. Players using lists such as Cron Air or similar are bad for the Hobby in our opinion and are only in it for the win. That is why I think the Horus Heresy Books really appeal to us. Everyone singing from the same hymn sheet is a blessing. We battle thematically where the gamers are forced to fit to a list which would suit the environment, deployment and bigger picture in the Campaign.

We love narrative and conquest based games, and encourage fan fiction around our battles.

We also love Titans. . . . Some more than others . . . .

Kaelo  and his Warhound

Currently we are exclusively gaming in the 30k universe due to the breath of fresh air it brings (and the fact the models are so much nicer - Looking at you GW Centurions / Wulfen / Sled etc). We are planning a Huge Great Crusade Campaign which will follow a best fit timeline that we have gleamed from the Horus Heresy Novels and Black books. We hope to follow it through all the way to the Great Scouring. At the moment we are amassing our armies and readying our boards.

We do have a few rules:
1 - Can't play it if you don't paint it. We all make a conscious effort to get Minis painted to a decent standard before they are allowed to grace our battlefields.
2 - Battlefields need to be prepared aptly for the coming conflict. If it does not make sense it cant be used or needs to be rearranged.
3 - No Tournament or lists not fitting with the beautiful canon of the Warhammer universe (unless there is a one off reason for it to happen).

Joining us: At the moment we are not looking to add any more gamers to our group, but we will advertise when we require them in the future (or for one off Xenos Campaigns for the Heresy).


The Battle Bunnies' Great Crusade: In the near future the Battle Bunnies will be starting the Great Crusade.
This will feature all Legions, The Mechanicum, the Imperial army and the various Xenos species around during this time.
We originally wanted to do it as a conquest-based strategy campaign, but have decided against it due to the wide-dispersal of the Legions in their respective Segmentums and the inability to plan their movements carefully we have decided to do it narrative.
Each Legion will have their Primarch, all named significant characters from the Novels, all specialist units, Titan Legions and supporting elements. We will also be creating our own Praetors and centurions for the campaign. These with the Primarchs and Heroes from the Novels, will allow us to make some fantastic fan-fiction and our own Legends during this epic time. Only the controlling players will be able to say what side these created Characters will end up on for the inevitable Treachery that Horus commits.

The Battle Bunnies' Horus Heresy:

Betrayal, Massacre, Extermination, Conquest, Tempest and Retribution: We do aim to tackle the Horus Heresy Books from Forge World as soon as possible. So our plan is to start with a few games in the Great Crusade and when we have 2000-3000 pts of the Sons of Horus, Death Guard, World Eaters and Emperor's Children, we will do a Page on our blog devoted to a Stand Alone Betrayal Campaign, followed by all subsequent FW Campaign books and so on.

Drake Seta