Saturday, 7 June 2014

Imperial Army schemes: What scheme do you like for the Solar Auxilia

Morning all. 

At the Horus Heresy Weekender we were able to view the Solar Auxilia for the first time. This is a part of the Imperial Army which specialise in void warfare and invading hazardous environs, hence the Steampunk-esque space deep sea diving suits they wear. In the Great crusade the Imperial army were equipped with this sort of equipment a lot of the time as the planets that they invaded were seldom suitable for human life, so atmosphere supporting suits were a must. 
Khall and I were always thinking: sod the Imperial Army, we will just use Imperial Guard we have and be done with it. After seeing Edgar's Army we have changed our opinion slightly. We still recognise the ability to use our Standard Imperial Guard (albeit with no Chimera chassis which will now be sold) but these will be used on more temperate worlds in our Great Crusade campaign or as an enemy force. 

Now the reason for this post: The Imperial Army were all about triumph and pomp. They invaded the stars sometimes garbed in bright Regal livery and hues. Edgar had a series of schemes on his desk at the weekender. See below. 

Now we have been debating which schemes would make a short list for our Imperial army force. You can play too. 

I like 
Third row fourth from left as it has some decent colour palettes and a silver plate
I also like second down on the left as it is similar to the one above but with black plate which would look excellent chipped. 
I also like bottom row second from left as it is a nice silver scheme with a nice green undergarm

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Comment below two or three schemes you like and why. For instance:

Drake Seta


  1. I really like the 3rd row down 1st in from the left, I think it'll look really striking with an army of them running about.

    1. I like it too. Just not a massive fan of blue and red together as it really clashes. What other two do you like?