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What tanks to expect in the Solar Auxilia?

So we all know Forge World are doing the Solar Auxilia Imperial Army list in Book 4 Conquest, but what Tanks currently from Forge World's range could be ported into the Imperial Army?


Due to the scarce number of Forge Worlds that have access to a functioning or complete Baneblade STC template and the huge demand of the Imperial Guard for super-heavy armour, many Forge Worlds have resorted to building heavy tanks that perform the same battlefield role as Baneblades, but possess reduced features and abilities. During the Emperor's Great Crusade in the 31st Millennium there were many more heavy tank designs in use by the Imperium than at present. There are many within the Adeptus Mechanicus that have spent their entire lives trying to find the data needed to construct these machines. Through diligent study and cross-examination of ancient documents recovered deep within the archives of the Forge World Lucius a Magos known as Nalax discovered the missing fragments needed to construct one of these long-lost and mostly forgotten tanks. The Magos was eventually able to find enough data on the vehicle to construct an entire tank, and he took his plans to Mars and to the High Fabricator-General for approval. The process of approval took nearly two hundred years and Nalax himself did not live to see the outcome, after long testing and consultations with many other Forge Worlds, Lucius was finally sanctioned to start production. The tank was named after Lord Solar Macharius, the great Imperial general who led the Macharian Crusade of 392-399.M41 and liberated one thousand worlds in the name of the Emperor of Mankind. Ironically, in the time it took for the plans for the tank's construction to be approved, the Forge World had also lobbied for and been given the right to build STC Baneblades, and it had seemed that Nalax's life's work had been wasted.

Now they could say that the tank was a different name and around 10,000 years ago under a different alias, this is probable but not 100% likely. They could find a way round it. 

Praetor Armoured Assault launcher

The Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher combines the armoured might of the Crassus super-heavy hull with the long-range capabilities of an immense multiple missile launcher. The design, sanctified and approved by the Adeptus Mechanicus, was discovered deep within the cogitator stacks of the recently-reconsecrated Forge World Zhao-Arkkad.

Once again there is a minute chance but this is more unlikely. Sad though as I love this tank. 

Crassus Armoured Assault carrier

This immense armoured carrier is named after one of Lord Solar Macharius’ greatest generals, Borgen Crassus, who remained steadfastly loyal to the Imperium throughout the grim and bloody Macharian Heresy that followed the Lord Solar’s death.

A different name in a different era? Like the Praetor it could have been lost in m32 before it's rediscovery?


Another example of 'second-generation' Baneblades, the Malcador Heavy Tank is a mobile fortress, heavily armed and armoured but slow.
There are several variants, but this standard version mounts a limited-traverse Battle Cannon in a fixed turret as well as two sponson weapons and a hull-mounted weapon. This ferocious firepower is coupled with thick armour, but in many regions of the Imperium this venerable design has either never been produced, or has been supplanted by the more versatile Leman Russ.

This was around as it is still around in Betrayal. :)


An arcane variant of the Malcador Heavy Tank design, it is said that the Valdor is named for a mighty hero of Imperial antiquity. It is armed with a compact Neutron Laser Projector, a powerful weapons system believed to be a relic of mankind's might in the myth-shrouded days of the Dark Age of Technology.

Should be around too!


The Minotaur is an all but unknown sight of the battlefields of the 41st Millennium; an ancient and venerable artillery piece that is designed to lay down crushing barrages of ordnance from advanced positions, while under threat of enemy fire, before redeploying under its own power.
Obscure references within the fragmentary histories of the Great Crusade, and damaged frescoes within the unutterably ancient Templis Nemesii on Holy Terra itself, are cited by some as indicators of the age of the design, and the similarity that many of its systems bear to the Malcador design is seen to be the mark of a common STC ancestor.

Another 30k tank FTW!!


While the exact date when the first Gorgon was constructed has been lost to the Adeptus Mechanicus, it is known that it originated on the Forge World of Vanaheim. The Gorgon is used by the Imperial Guard primarily during trench warfare or sieges against enemy fortifications, to get troops across the killing field of "no-man's land" and close to the enemy, where the Imperial Guard can overwhelm the foe with their sheer numbers. The Gorgon saw heavy use during the opening stages of the Siege of Vraks by the 88th Siege Army of the Death Korps of Krieg. The Gorgon's slow speed and weak armament make it a poor choice for anything other than short trips or amphibious assaults, Gorgons rely heavily on their thick armour and firing support from other units, usually Basilisks, or Medusa artillery, to make it safely to the enemy lines where it can unload its cargo of soldiers. The front ramp is very thick and can withstand direct hits from heavy weapons and also can be used as a dozer blade. Gorgons are capable of carrying up to two Cyclops Remote-Controlled Tanks and their Controllers.

Based loosely on the Macharius Chassis
we may see this tank if they find a way round the Macharius. 



The Bombard is a powerful Imperial mobile artillery piece that mounts a Heavy Siege Mortar on a Leman Russ tank chassis. It is amongst the most powerful and largest artillery pieces in use by the heavy artillery and siege artillery companies of the Imperial Guard. The Bombard should not be confused with the Colossus Siege Tank which is similar in appearance, but uses a smaller mortar cannon known as a Colossus Siege Mortar and is instead mounted on the less robust Chimera chassis.

Chimera Chassis:
We have already had it confirmed that the Chimera Chassis was not round in the Heresy (hence Leman Russ chassis-Basilisks and Medusas in production at FW. 
So the Colossus / Hydra / Hellhound will probably see a re-design or complete eschewing. 

Leman Russ

The Leman Russ chassis was widely deployed in the 31st Millenium, some variants may not be around yet though. 

Exciting times ahead for Solar Auxilia!


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