Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Details from Warhammer Fest!!

Hey all!!

I must admit I have been exceptionally excited (which usually only leads to disappointment lol) over the announcement of the new event and here are some new details from the GW website:

Warhammer Fest 
  • Saturday 11th October 2014
  • Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK
  • FREE car parking adjacent to the venue 

Warhammer Fest is a celebration of everything about the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000; the miniatures, the backgrounds, the stories and the games. You will encounter fantastic miniatures displays, seminars by our design teams, in-depth demonstrations and inspiring Design Studio displays.

You will also be able to pick up the latest releases from Games Workshop, Forge World and Black Library, including many items available for the first time over the weekend, along with exclusive event only merchandise. With such a wide range of activities, you can plan your day around specific elements, or just enjoy whatever grabs your attention.

Things to See and Do

Seminars - We will be hosting a series of seminars featuring a panel of experts from Forge World, Black Library and Games Workshop. Each seminar will focus on a specific topic and we will be repeating certain ones each day, so you can choose to attend them when it best suits your plans.

Design Teams - Black Library, Forge World and the Games Workshop Design Studios will all have areas at Warhammer Fest so you can meet the dedicated teams that bring to life the worlds we all love. This is your chance to chat with them and ask any burning questions about Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, as well as seeing their work up close and personal.

Demo Pods - These dedicated areas are spread throughout the venue and each offers a specific activity such as: painting demonstrations, gaming tactics and a series of presentations covering a range of subjects.

Archives - The miniatures we love today have a rich history behind them, so dig into the Games Workshop Archives with us to see how they’ve developed over the years. We’ll have a variety of displays on show so you can get nostalgic over classic miniatures, art and publications, and debate with your mates about your old favourites.


Things to take Home

Black Library - The brand new Horus Heresy book, Death and Defiance will be on sale at Warhammer Fest for the first time anywhere in the world. This anthology collects together five stories set across the battlefields of the Horus Heresy, and includes brand new fiction from Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Nick Kyme, James Swallow, Andy Smillie and Guy Haley.

There will be a range of pre-release titles, event exclusive art prints and more.

Forge World - Visit the popular Forge World sales area for pre-release items, including a brand new book and new models not on release anywhere else; details will be revealed nearer the event. Over the weekend you can also buy from Forge World’s vast range of models and books as well as event only miniatures, t-shirts, hoodies, bags and mugs.

Citadel - You’ll have access to the Games Workshop range at Warhammer Fest, enabling you to add the latest Citadel miniatures, books and other products to your collections.

Art Prints - Admire a gallery of art prints celebrating the stunning visual work of our design teams, with artwork showing detail beyond what you see in our publications. And if there’s something you really like, you’ll be able to buy exclusive prints of many of the pieces over the weekend.

Exclusive Event Merchandise - Get an exclusive memento of your experience with event only products to use in your games and show off to your friends.

If you want to be part of this extravaganza of all things Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, then get your ticket now as we have strictly limited numbers available for each day.

Summary by Khall Sithis:

So - there is a new anthology available from Black Library at the event for the first time; set in the Horus Heresy timeline! I will be up to date by then and it will be great to finally be able to read the most current book!

Forge World will have a new book there; could this be the next Horus Heresy book? I hope so, but highly doubt it. My belief is that it will either be a new Imperial Armour or an updated Imperial Armour!

Could the next Primarch be there too? I heard that someone has mentioned the Night Haunter...

So, what do you all think? Are you excited? Will you be there? What will be FWs next book? Could Konrad Curze REALLY be around the corner?

Khall Sithis


  1. I think it will be night haunter (konrad curze) and hh book 4 but i maybe wrong i don't know and i like the sound of the event.

    1. Not this year but i will be going next year

    2. I don't mind if you go next year i will probally see you there and its a big occasion next year any way and the event is a few days before my birthday so its win- win for me

  2. Could this finally be the year Forge World lives up to its promise of an HH book every six months? Oh Mighty Emperor, please make it so!!!

    1. They said at the Weekender it would be closer to Christmas! Will happily eat those words! Lol if the bigwigs get the whips out, anything is possible!

    2. I hope so too. I could do with a nice Campaign accompaniment. With Book 4's tool box of characterisation and ability to make the Legionnaires legendary it sounds really cool.

  3. I want loyalist Primarchs ! There is just one availible to date, with Vulkan Afghanistan comin´ there are still too few.