Thursday, 3 July 2014

Erebus is here to spread the Emperor's word

Si vis pacem, para bellum

If you want peace, prepare for war!!!

He is finally here, the first Chaplin of the word bearers, Erebus.

I have really loved painting this guy. Firstly because I think the model is stunning with so much detail. And secondly because this guy is by far my favourite character in the Horus heresy.

In a battle, I will more than likely put him I a squad with a squad of close combat veterans. However, since they are not quite finished, here are some pictures of him with a squad of  tactical marines. Hope you enjoy :-)

I would also like to share with you a new piece of Horus Heresy art form Black Library. This is the cover for an upcoming novel called Legacies of Betrayal. This picture is really a who's who of Horus Heresy bad guys. How many can you name? Comment below 

Take care :-)


  1. Wow, he's looking awsome mate, I like how you've done his face. It makes him look like a real nutter.

  2. Thank you. I am really proud of the way all of him has come out

  3. Love the finished erebus, he looks perfect, love the staff! The marines look great too, go perfectly with him :)

  4. Loving your grey Word Bearers. I really enjoy some of the fluff around the 17th Legion - the story of Lorgars betrayal is a very emotive piece and is one of the strongest stories of the Heresy. You have really done them justice.

  5. Book. Well done Targel, a new personal best I reckon.
    What's the best new technique you may have used on this Arch traitor?

    1. To be honest, there was. It any new techniques I had to learn to do this model, I just had to do the ones I already new but on a much smaller scale due to the amount of fine detail on the model

  6. Love the Word Bearers! Are you going in later to ado purity seals or scroll worl on the armour?

  7. A am going to add purity seals to some of them and I also have word bearer shoulder pads that all of them are going to have. I just need to do all of them in one go

  8. I like the rendition of Cypher.