Monday, 28 July 2014


Today I have slaveing away painting one of my bubble chukas, I was shocked how long it took me to paint this model as I built it so quickly.

I chose to keep the scheme simple as it matches the goff theme of the army 

I used a sponge to dab warp lock bronze over the edges of the armour plates and then went over it lightly with lead belcher. This gives the model it's rusty look and is a technique I will be useing a lot in the coming weeks.

I loved painting the screen on the back, I even put some writeing on it.

And last but not least is boom boom nose picker the grot spotter on the gun

I havnt finished the rest of the crew yet but I will do a legion on parade ( or WAAAGH! On the rampage) when everything is painted.

Keep the comments comeing in it's always nice to talk to you guys

Mega nob


  1. Looking good mate! Liking the chopping effect! Looking forward to doing by own one :)

  2. Looks really nice. The orks are gonna love thumping this around!!

  3. Great chipping effect! I think I'll loot that for my orks as well.

    What gun setup are you planning on running for the mek guns? I think I'm going with a mix of traktor kannons and the old kannons. I do quite like the bubba chukkas though. They are far more effective then everyone is giving them credit many hits a turn for so little points!

    1. Awsome Greg, I'm going to be running 2 Mek guns a lobba' and a smash gun. What are you planning to do for your orks?

    2. I'm still going back and forth. I used to run a big dread mob. Now I'm trying to either figure out how to run the bully mob formation, or the snirot, and still have a decent list at 1500 points. It's tough. Dreadmob formation is out, its easily 1200 points just for the mob itself. Though that might just me being silly. I want manz, dreads, guns! I want it alllllll

  4. Just lob a couple of boy squads in there with a big Mek and your golden cheif