Friday, 8 August 2014

Horus Heresy: The Legacies of Betrayal & other Stories coming.

I occasionally trawl Amazon for a pre-released cover or book from the Horus Heresy. I was happy on this occasion to find one Anthology Book and 2 dual story CDs in the works. 

Firstly Legacies of Betrayal which is based around several significant Characters in the Horus Heresy and what looks to be some new ones too. 

Only from out of a great conflict can true heroes arise. With the Galaxy a-flame and war on an unimaginable scale tearing the imperium apart, champions of light and darkness venture onto countless fields of battle in service of their masters. They ask not more remembrance or reward – simply to meet their destiny head-on, and only by embracing that destiny will they come to learn what the unseen future may yet hold for them. This Horace heresy anthology continues 18 short stories by authors such as Graham McNeil, Aaron Dembski Bowden, Nick Kyme
and many more. Also Chris Wraight acclaimed author of the Novella brotherhood of the storm delves into the nature of the elusive of White Scars legion and the questionable sense of duty to the Emperor. 

Legacies of Betrayal 14/Apr/2015

Garro Shield of Lies - 17/Feb/2015 

While the war rages on across the galaxy, for many on the throne world of Terra I exists only in rumour and hearsay. But in the course of her daily duties, humble Adept Katonah Tallery Discovers Evidence of a Conspiracy within the Administratum – Surely This Can Only Be precursor to a traitor attack on the solar system itself! Fleeing into the shadows, she soon finds herself at the mercy of a the mysterious knight errant in Nathaniel Garro. Will this stalwart defender of mankind be her saviour, or executioner. – By James Swallow

We also have a Cd called Master of the First / Long night - By Gav Thorpe and Aaron-Dempski Bowden. This leads me to believe it is a Dark Angel and Night Lords CD. 7/Apr/2015

Another called Eagles Talon / Iron Corpses - by David Annandale and John French is partly based around the Iron Warriors conflict on Tallarn. - 19/May/2015

I am keeping my eye out now for Crimson kings release too, as I can't wait to see what artwork that brings. 

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Drake Seta

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  1. These sound awsome, can't wait to read crimson king